16 June 2010

I Nag, but That's not Who I Am.

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I nag.
Sometimes Alex asks, "Why did I marry that hag?"
When the dishes pile high,
and rumpled laundry makes me sigh,
and mess covers every surface under the sky,
I can't help but blurt out, Why?
Is this really my piece of the Pie?
Will my bespectacled, black-dress editor dream ever fly?
Why did they color there with that sharpie?
Do they like it when out comes my inner harpy?
I nag kids until my throat is dry,
I nag husband until glaze covers each eye,

And then, when my energy is completely spent,
from worrying and whining, as is my bent,
the small ones ask me to build them a tent.
And I do.
And they disappear happily from view.
And I feel calm and new.


Linz said...

Nice. I love this poem so much I just might frame it...

Jen said...

Thanks Linz. I mostly wrote it because it occurred to me while Alex and I were discussing nagging a few days ago that nag and hag rhyme, and then I started writing and realized that sharpie and harpy rhyme, too. I just couldn't pass those up.

msjvd said...

Pictures. I need new pictures.

Oh, and I came to give you this:

The Rookie said...

When the flow strikes you, you must write.

I feel like a nagging hag at school 100% of the time. I consider it my job. And you may think that by the time they reach high school the sharpie thing is over, but no--apparently tagging your school/anything but paper in sharpie is one of life's simple pleasures to last through the ages.

Dansie Family said...

i beat you at nagging, if not at poetry.

sammygrace said...

oooooh i likey. so much. keep up this so called 'bad poetry' cuz i think its one of those things where you might label it bad poetry but it really means its good.... like when people say, SICK but they actually mean COOL.

Thora said...

Oh, I nag. I like to pretend I'm just trying to be organized - on behalf of the whole family, including my husband. Or maybe I'm a good reminderer. Avram likes to call it micro-managing - but that doesn't rhyme with hag. This, plus your next post about love languages is very timely - I need to work a lot better on showing any love language besides time - which can come out as sheer neediness fairly easily. Maybe I should actually read the book, instead of being vaguely acquainted with it.

Mary said...

Wonderful poem!