21 June 2010

My Budding Artiste

When you look at this picture, I want you to examine it very closely, so that when you look at the one that follows, you can tell the difference between the two.

Family 1

This may shock you, but the picture below is not an actual photograph. Grace drew it! I know. Crazy skills!

Family 2

How you can tell the difference between the two photographs:

1. The light is slightly different. Subtle. I like that about Grace.

2. Henry's face is worried in the first picture, but happy in the other one. This is also a clue that the second one is actually a drawing, because Henry always prefers to make a serious or concerned face in family pictures. I also like that Grace has edited out her brother's true nature. Sometimes keeping it real is just so over-rated.

3. If you examine closely, there is a small princess tiara on Grace's head in the second one.

4. Grace and Henry have switched sides. And in real life, Henry only has one body.

Hasn't this been fun? Almost like those pictures in the magazine I always used to read at the dental office where you had to search and search to find out what the differences were between two seemingly identical pictures.


msjvd said...

Truly. Talented. Future art school candidate? Grace is immensely talented.

You look very pretty, by the way.

Jessica said...

Grace is such a good artist. I'm so impressed. Also I wish I could be at book group or that I had at least read the book but I will be at Girl's Camp. I also loved your nag poem.

Marie Says Yes said...

this woman is deeply talented. it is time to send her off to study in paris before you miss this open window!

The Yoder's Four said...

I like the long, swoopy hairdo she gave you! And it's true-- keeping it real is totally overrated. That's why I'm a fan of digital photo retouching and/or idealized art. Clearly, Grace values the same.

The Rookie said...

I love this! Now that you mention it, in real life Henry DOES have but one body.

Jillybean said...

I also noticed that in the first picture, your husband has arms.

I love kid art.

I also lovve your hairdo!

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

This is wonderful and hilarious....and I'm giggling. A. Lot.

Saddie said...

I could so totally use an extra body - what inspiration! I'm moved.

Tigger said...

Uhm, I think the extra body is not Henrys . . . it is a sign of what is to come. . . . Announcements? yes/no?

Grace is a fabulous artist.

Jen said...

No, Tigger, that is NOT an announcement. Humph.

Cory Reese said...

I'm with Grace, arms are over-rated.

Brittany said...

I love this. So clever. Grace's artistic skills are truly a gift. It's awesome to watch them emerging.