24 June 2010


Dear Grace,

Your father and I may have lost to attrition in the bedroom pick-up battle today, but we will win the war. We will never give up. We will NEVER surrender.

Much love,

Your parents

Dear Henry,

Your trouble-maker face is cute. But I am still more stubborn than you. Expect to be spending a lot of time in your crib.

Your mother

Dear Alex,

Thank you for not dying in a horrible accident on the way down the mountain from the girls camp today, as I had vividly imagined during the several hours that you were later than expected.

Your Favorite Wife of All

Dear Melissas,

It would please me to win either of your giveaways. I don't think it is a coincidence that you are both a. named Melissa, b. giving away awesome things that I would like on, c. the same day. I think the Universe has spoken in my behalf. Check these out, friends, but don't fret too much about entering because I am probably destined to win both.

Melissa of MissyB Designs is giving away one of these sweeties here:

And Melissa of Desert Rain Designs is giving this stunning piece away on Mama's Fantabulous Giveaways:

Love, Rowena

{If one of you win, I won't resent. (much)}

Dear Book Groupies,

My favorite moment from tonight was when Kara pointed out that every one of us valued Quality Time, which was probably why we were at a book group, spending quality time with our friends.

All of my sister's co-workers, who are cosmetologists, placed high value on physical affection. It made sense that they would want to be touching other people all day while they cut hair. Fascinating.

I love you all very much. Thank you for your wisdom and humor. I'm glad that one of you was busy giving birth even though you missed a rootbeer float.

Affectionately, Timely, Huggily, yours etc.,



The Yoder's Four said...

I will put out some positive vibes about you winning my giveaway to the universe also. You deserve it.

I wish I had time to read so I could come to your book club! I really coulda used a root beer float last night....also some socializing with actual adults....

The Yoder's Four said...

P.S. What is it with men going onto the tops of mountains and waiting until so much time has passed to come back that we think they've fallen off a cliff? Why???

Tigger said...

So, did Elizabeth have her little girl on my birthday?! I hope so. That would be neat. Good luck with the giveaways. :)

Pots and Pins said...

Dear Jen: You are a good mother. Good mother's often have to lock their children in their rooms, it's a good thing no matter what anyone says. Writing letters to your children for them to read after you've been committed is a good thing, too. Keep writing them. Nut houses like writers. Just so you know, you'll be writing letters for the REST of your life...(visualize crazy women pulling her hair, rocking on all fours, slobbering on herself and laughing at shadows.) May I remind you of the most haunting phrase in the English language? Endure to the End. But here's the kicker...there IS NO END!!! Okay...I'm done now...off to take some valium and watch Food Network...because while I can't lock my children in their rooms any more I still WANT to! xo, Nan