16 June 2010


Sampler Quilt
This sampler was the block of the month for our quilt guild last year, and I finally finished it last night. I had extra blocks, and I haven't decided what to do with them.

The pattern comes from the book Rotary Cut Quilts, by Fons and Porter. I bought the old edition, but there is also a current/newer edition available on Amazon.

Sampler Quilt, Detail
I loved the red that ended up on the back. It was going to be a border, but I thought it would be too loud in my bright yellow bedroom, where the quilt is destined to hang, so I chose the more neutral green.

Mitred Corner
I recently figured out that if I wait to trim my back and batting until after I have sewn the binding to the front, I don't have those pesky mis-matched corners that come from trimming prior to binding. I also end up trimming the batting again after the binding is sewn on half of the time anyway, so binding prior to trimming cuts out that step as well.

That is the inside of a mitered corner, by the way. This is a good tutorial on how to achieve them.


Linz said...

I LOVE it!! SO awesome! You are great!!

sammygrace said...

i really do have to say, i think this is my favorite of all the quilts you've done. i just love your choice of fabric its perty.

msjvd said...

That is a beautiful quilt. :) It's always so great to see what you are doing!