15 June 2010

The Secret

I have made an important discovery. If you are googling something, and you get lame results, add the word "secret" to the end.

For example, today I googled, "How to stir fry tofu," and got lame results. Then I googled, "How to stir fry tofu secret," and found this article, by Melissa Ray Davis, who obviously knows what she is talking about.

Next time I will triumph! If anyone else has tofu tips, please feel free to comment.


My5wmd said...

I avoid tofu. Mostly because of the texture. I'd rather eat chicken. Or beef. Or pork. Anything but tofu. I am going to try the "secret" secret, though. Of course, if you can google "secret" anything and get a result, then "secret" is obviously a lie, so can you really trust any following information? Just sayin'.

amy said...

Eureka! This post feels like a multidimensional gift; the secret of the tofu preparation itself (I found the article convincing, and another good reason to invest in a cast iron pan), and the secret of effective googling. Thanks for sharing your secrets.

msjvd said...

This tip was given to me by someone in my ward who said:

"To get more moisture out of the tofu, after you've tried squeezing it with cheesecloth, put it in the freezer. The water will form crystals that come out when you thaw it."

My own experience is that I made Kung Pao Tofu with broccoli once. I didn't care for it as much as I did Kung Pao Chicken, but I thought that was perhaps just not the best recipe. Go FORTH and TOFU THE WORLD!

Mary said...

We love tofu! And thank you for sharing your secret with us.

The Rookie said...

The secret about the secret. That's deeeeep, dude.

angela michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your secret. This does look like a great tofu stirfry method and I will definitely try it. Here's a tofu recipe we (meaning event the kids) really like. http://presseddownandshakentogether.blogspot.com/2008/11/our-favorite-tofu-recipe.html