14 July 2010

End of the Batch

At one point this summer I was working on five quilts at a time, and this is the last of that batch. I'll be giving this one away. It is an Asian Lily and has a big, fat, hairy, black, aggravating flaw. Actually, there are EIGHT of them. I didn't realize it until it was far, far, too late.

asian lily rolled

I learned this storage technique at quilt guild. I like that it makes your quilt have no creases, as well as recycling batting rolls and plastic bags. I cropped the photo above in picnik, and wow, the quality decreased a lot.

asian lily detail 2
This took almost a year to hand quilt.

asian lily

asian lily detail 1

Glad it's done!


Linz said...

I have a lot to say here...

first - you hand quilted this?!? Amazing!! Really, really amazing! It looks just beautiful! wow.

If there are 8 big glaring flaws - then I can't see them. At. All. This is a truly beautiful quilt and I am in awe of your mad skills! Who ever you are giving this to sure better appreciate a years worth of work!!!

I totally get working on multiple quilts. Right now, I have 4 that I am working on (slowly, but surely) and then 3 that are cut out and ready to be started and then at least 2 that I have the fabric for, but not cut out yet. And many more swimming around in my brain. Not to mention the ones that need to be quilted and bound. Sigh. At least I don't have to buy fabric for at least a year...

Kimi said...

HAND QUILTED!!! Ummm, you kick butt. Glaring flaws? I'm thinking not. That thing is beautiful!!!

msjvd said...

I think this is my favorite one ever. I like the fact that it's got "flaws," which means of course, that it was hand-done and homemade.

It's very beautiful and the colors are wonderful. Who did you say is the lucky beneficiary?

Tigger said...

I love this quilt! I don't think I can look at it enough! Tell your mom-in-law that I may have to come visit her home every so often just to admire this quilt.

I am excited for you and the day you get to share such a beautiful work of art. :)

Gina said...

A-mazing. Amazing! amen to the above comments. I see no flaws! I think it's pure georgeous!

Gina said...

I mean gorgeous. No offense to George.

My5wmd said...

I think you should do a giveaway of the quilt on your blog. That way I could have a chance of getting it.
It's beautiful.