28 July 2010

Engagements and Other Entanglements


We had a very busy week and weekend. Henry sums up my feelings at the end of it in the picture above. First there was a s'more filled family reunion. . .

chocolate face

During which Henry did not achieve his goal of eating my camera between a marshmallow and a graham cracker.

the good uncle

After much fun, we came home, cleaned, ate, and had some friends stop by on their way through town.


I have mentioned Grace's desire to marry two of her cousins in the past. Lucky for her, the handsome young thing on the right is her actual betrothed. We agreed with his parents before they were born—a few weeks apart—signed the contract in blood, etc. They aren't even first cousins. He held her hand on the way to Sunbeams together. I feel this is a good sign.

Just finished These is my Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 (P.S.)* I enjoyed it. I don't usually like pioneerish stories, but this one drew my attention from the beginning, and kept my interest to the last page. I liked the strong female protagonist. The book did not follow the typical, romance, fall in love, get married, the end plot that I prefer in my marshmallow reading ways, but I was okay with it.

* I have enabled Amazon Associates, so if you go through that link and buy the book, I'll probably get like 25 cents. I have avoided monetizing in the past because of some of the funny things I've seen on friends' google ads. Also, I didn't want to be a sellout. However, this Amazon thing seems like a good fit for me. Maybe I am really just a sellout. And if any of you do the Amazon thing, let me know, and when I need to order something through Amazon, I'll be sure to tell you to blog about it first. ;)


Jessi said...

I loved "These is my Words." One of my all-time favorites. Sarah is such a dynamic character to me. I honestly think I'm going to meet her in the spirit world someday. :)

Linz said...

Cute pictures!!

And I would love to use your amazon link. I'll probably make you about a dollar a month (although Michael is trying to make me cut back... good luck with that! =D)

msjvd said...

Why does Henry appear to have orange-y sauce around his mouth in the first picture... but clearly chocolate in the second picture?


The Rookie said...

I want to sell out. I really do.

I am also holding out for the off chance that I too have a betrothed.

Tigger said...

The orange on Henry's face must be left over evidence from some serious Cheetos snacking that lots of the kids participated in.

Thanks for all the fun pictures as well as the book recommendation.

angela michelle said...

ooh, I love that book. such a realistic love story. i hope your amazon quarters grow to a million dollars very, very soon.

p.s. I just looked for you on goodreads but I don't think you're there. Why not?

Heidi said...

I wish that These is My Words really was my words, sometimes. Because I could use that Captain Jack around here sometimes. Not that Rhett's not awesome, but Captain Jack is AMAZING. And I ugly cry every time I read that book. And I reread it often. Because, again, Captain Jack.

Speaking of, you may like the Bloody Jack series. It's my favorite YA series ever.