13 July 2010

McMazing Story Tellers

My children's grandmother also happens to be the awesome children's librarian in town, and she called me during the first round of story time today to tell me to get down there for the 11:30 show, and I am so glad she did. McMazing Story Tellers did a puppet show, and it was fantastic. I was laughing even more than my children were, and Grace was giggling involuntarily.

Check out their blog here for a schedule of upcoming performances, because they will be in Northern Utah over the summer for an on-going library tour. If you missed them, well, maybe just go cry on your pillow for awhile. Or go to their website and check out their videos. Youtube is a small consolation, because the live show had a bubble machine.

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Saddie said...

Unplanned, we caught the end of the show and they had me giggling within seconds with their more mature content...ummm that doesn't sound right... sophisticated humor? Anyroad, my cheeks were hurting from the grin on my face. The short ones looked a little baffled, but loved the bubbles and monkeys. What a great trip to the library!