01 July 2010

Set on World Domination

It all starts out so simply. A swimsuit. A little water. A seemingly innocent face.
Suddenly, she is brandishing a deadly weapon with stupefying skill. Run for your life!

The innocuous face of sweetness. Yet, what is that he is saying?

"Ho hum. I wonder if three is enough for world domination. Let's see. Nope. I think I need at least . . .

FIVE. Yes, I think five will do nicely."


Linz said...

:) They would be such cute world dictators!

Brittany said...

"What are we going to do today Brain?"
"The Same thing we do everyday Pinky; Try to take over the World!"

Saddie said...

If only every change of government and political disagreement could be decided with cheap, little water pistols. It's less costly (unless overuse drives down availability causing costs to rise - ha! a million dollar toy gun), less dangerous, less lengthy (afterall, one's finger can only pump the trigger so many times before fatigue sets in), and much more humorous.

msjvd said...

One more, Jen. Just one more and then you and Alex are OUTNUMBERED.

He's already got you outgunned!

(With her sweet smile and saucy swimsuit, do you think she's going for the Anna Chapman effect?)

The Yoder's Four said...

Care Bears!? No wonder Grace rocks.