03 July 2010

Walk On

As I ran along the riverside today, I thought, "If the pack of people running this race were a herd of water buffalo, I would be the weak one the wolves chased and took down." Then I stopped thinking about that, because positive is the way to go when it comes to racing mentality.

I felt grateful for my opposable thumbs. If I were a water buffalo, I would probably be dead. But I am not a water buffalo. I am human, so if those wolves came after me, I could pick up a rock and throw it at them. Maybe the rock would break all of their teeth, or I could punch those wolves in the eye. Somehow my human brain and opposable thumbs would help me Survive.

I am pretty sure I was the first to sign up for the race, and I joked to myself that I would be the last to come in. I signed up very early in an attempt to motivate myself to actually start running and prepare for the race. Sadly, that approach failed. Alex ran with me, and he too had minimal preparation. That didn't stop him from running an average of FOUR minutes faster PER MILE than I did.

Despite my dark thoughts, I achieved my New Years Resolution of getting a race t-shirt (a pretty awesome one, at that). I crossed the finish line with approximately four people behind me. Pride and embarrassment don't usually go together so well.


Linz said...

Good job Jen!!! Crossing the finish line is ALWAYS a great accomplishment!

Marie Says Yes said...

you are a champion. and you can't help it that you are a slightly slower runner then your caveman. he can't bring forth children. verdict: you win.

msjvd said...

I am so impressed! You finished! In spite of having some of the oddest thoughts in mid-stride that I've ever read.

Of course, rarely do I get to read and analyze someone's mid-race mental ramblings.

Good job, Jen!

The Rookie said...

I am utterly amazed by you! Bravo!

Cory Reese said...

I'm not exaggerating - during every single race I participate in - at some point along the way - I am convinced that running is the absolute WORST hobby EVER. EVER!!!

Isn't this how they punish prisoners of war? It's complete insanity.

But, like you said, the pride of finishing somehow keeps me coming back. I must have been dropped too many times as a child.

But seriously, way to go!!! I am proud of you guys.