02 August 2010

Last Will and Testament

Brittany gets my sewing machine.

Sara and Brittany can share  my fabric stash.

Alex with have to marry the person I told him he could marry if I died young. Alex, I'm sorry for telling you my pick right before bedtime, causing bad dreams for you.

Grace and Henry, I love you very much, and I'm sorry that I won't be able to watch you grow up.

Alex, you know who most of the quilts belong to. Sara can have the rest. Put them in the fair and Peach Days for me. Maybe with a note about how I didn't make it, so they can get the sympathy vote.

Blog readers, I love you very much, and I will miss you when I am in the world of spirits.

Actually, now that I am blogging, I am starting to feel a little better. Maybe that blessing helped. Hmmm. Maybe I won't go hug my sewing machine goodbye just yet.

Word to the wise: Do not go outside. Bleach everything in your house. There is a VERY BAD flu going around.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Get better!

Thora said...

I've picked out my Husband's second wife - whether if I die young, or if they reinstate polygamy, and he had to have a second one. Hope you get better, so Alex doesn't have to have bad dreams for forever!

Saddie said...


Linz said...

I am so sorry that you're sick! I hope you feel better fast!

The Rookie said...

Yikes! Feel better!

The Yoder's Four said...

This does not seem fair. I hope Alex and the kids stay healthy! Get better soon!

Jillybean said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well.
Get better soon!

Kimi said...

UGH... this is why I choose to be a hermit!

I love that you have picked out someone worthy of nightmares for Alex to remarry. Classic

Mary said...

Very funny post. . I found your post about "two mothers" on segullah. Loved it!! Beautiful and poignant. Thanks for taking the time to write it.