28 August 2010

The Window

Here is a list of things that have gone out the window as far as priorities in my current condition:

Household cleanliness. We are just letting a lot of things slide. I mopped the floor last week, but I won't say how long it had been since I had done it. Except that it was a very long time. Poor little floor.

Eating anything healthy. If it is frozen, I will bake it and feed it to my family. That about sums up our culinary forays at the moment. I just repeat to myself that it will end in a few short weeks.

Posting on my beloved blog with any degree of regularity. Poor little blog.

Basically anything except sleeping and feeling nauseated.

Here is a list of positives, so we can look on the bright side:

I get a nap every day, because I fall asleep even if Henry is table dancing or creating all manner of two-year-old mischief.

Though I can't eat because the thought of food makes me sick now, soon I will be able to eat anything and everything I want, for months on end. Not that I don't do that anyway, but I relish it extra when I'm pregnant.

I finished Mockingjay on Thursday night. It was awesome. I wish I had read the other two again right beforehand.

I'm sure there are more, but it's time to sleep, and nothing gets in my way at this time right now. I'll close with something funny that Grace said the other day, for those who missed it on facebook:

"You're not the boss of me. You're the boss of my daddy." That is a very wise child.


The Yoder's Four said...

You need drugs!!! Phenergan or ondansteron (Zofran). Seriously. Mark can even call you in a prescription if you want. I remember those days all too well.

Jessi said...

I've been waiting for someone else I know to read Mockingjay! You liked it? I have to admit I did NOT. Maybe because I had a different end in mind...

Jessi said...

I really do want to hear your thoughts on the book. But since I don't exactly "know" you I can't just call you on the phone. When you get a chance e-mail me jessigoulding@bellsouth.net. I need someone to help me understand why the author made some of the choices she did.

Melissa Bastow said...

I have no good excuse for not mopping my floor regularly. Mockingjay was AWWWWWWESOOOOOOOOME.

Cinda said...

You totally crack me up! I can relate in more than one way about the mopping and the eating. We are in the same boat afterall! I hope you feel better soon.

The Rookie said...

Sleep it up, my friend! Sorry you are miserable with nausea right now. And you are raising that girl right. Hilarious!