29 September 2010

Hot Tip

If someone you know is going through something, and they look tired, instead of saying "You look tired," you should say, "Wow, you look like a gorgeous hot beautiful thing for how tired you must be."

I wore makeup today, the first time since Saturday. I wore it to cover up the tired, and apparently it didn't work as well as I was hoping.

So if I hear any of you telling Sara, "You look tired," instead of "You look gorgeous after all of that," well, you'll be in serious trouble. (I won't be specific, so that your imagination will run wild with what serious trouble could be.)

On a happy note, baby girl will likely be released today or tomorrow, and Sara may be released before the weekend if she is doing very well both in the fingers and c-section areas.

Now, back to wrangling four, four and under.


Jillybean said...

Whenever anyone tells me I look tired or look like I don't feel good I always say "Good, I would hate to feel this crummy and have it be my own little secret."

However, I like your idea better.

The Yoder's Four said...

Ooo! Four under four!! You're accumulating a lot of blessings in heaven right now.

Glad to hear Sara and the baby are doing well. Are you going to start watching her (the baby) too???

angela michelle said...

So glad you're there to help. Seriously, how is "You look tired" at all helpful? Is it ever the right thing to say?

msjvd said...

How about "Great scars you're rocking! You'll be a bit hit at the motorcycle gang meet-up this weekend."

Or, "no more sharps for you, Dearie!"

Or maybe just a question: "Do they make nail polish that covers that shade?"

You're glad right now that I live somewhere else, aren't you?