23 September 2010

My Magnetic Face

Things that have recently fallen on or collided with my face:

* The Youth Conference Flag of Helaman's Heroes, a large wooden pole, which fell from above right on the bridge of my nose. I seem to have a permanent mark where it smashed my glasses into my nose.

* The cookie sheet I was holding to write something on when the phone rang. Magically, it whapped up into my face as I stood.

* Henry's head.

* Every allergen known to man is currently attracted to my nasal cavity and eyes.

* A Board Game, which was on top of a pile where I was putting something away.

Thanks Universe. I love you, too.


Jesse said...

I'm just so glad that you have a face :) I'm sure your entire life would be different without it :)

Linz said...

That's been happening to me a lot too...

msjvd said...

Henry's head? Admit it. You were kissing on him again, weren't you?

The Rookie said...

Ouch! I seem to have a similar issue with my toes, knees, shins, and elbows. Basically extremities are bad news on me.