26 September 2010


Yesterday I received a call that I needed to go check on my nephews because my sister, Sara, had "cut her arm" and had gone to the hospital. I went over and found that the EMT's had left her sons at her neighbor's house.

Apparently she had been cutting a wooden train on a table saw and cut off the tip of her left thumb as well as her first two fingers and damaged the ring and pinky fingers. She was 36 weeks pregnant, so when they got to St. George, they started talking about sending her to Salt Lake City. U of U has an awesome set of doctors for this sort of thing, as well as more capabilities for watching the baby while Sara was under anesthesia, etc. They assembled a team while she was transitioning, and they began to work on her early yesterday afternoon.

This morning around 7:00 the baby's heart rate was dropping, so they took her in for an emergency c-section.  They are still working on the thumb, and have now reattached all of her fingers.

All day yesterday I just kept looking at my fingers and thinking about what a miracle they are. I am grateful that Sara is so healthy, because the baby seems to be doing really well. 

My dad almost lost his arm in a car accident when I was a little girl. The doctors were considering amputating, and my grandma, a nurse, told them, "He has four little kids. He needs that arm." So they bolted him up and put it back on, thinking he would never have full use of the arm and hand. However, my dad regained all use of his arm even down to the fingers. He regained this use within a year. I have always considered that a miracle.

Apparently when the EMT's got there and saw this poor pregnant mom with severed fingers they were understandably distressed, and she tried to reassure them that everything would be okay, and apologized for inconveniencing everyone. Our brother was at the hospital when she got to SLC, and she told him to take a deep breath and that everything would be fine. Sara is one of the nicest, most golden people I know, and I have no problem hoping and even expecting a miracle in the case of such a sweetheart.


The Stratton's said...

You're so right Jenny. Sara is an angel. I was so worried at first, but slowly I felt a calm come over me reminding me of Sara's strength and attitude. I've been thinking about her and praying for her since yesterday and she continues to be in my prayers. Her outlook on life is truly a gift of the spirit as well as her ability to be so level headed and calm. She's amazing.

Linz said...

Oh my goodness! I will keep them in my prayers.

The Yoder's Four said...

I can't believe she was so calm and collected!! I would have been unconscious from shock, I'm sure. I didn't know that story about your dad, either. Wow. Hope Sara's recovery goes well! What a blessing that the baby is all right.

Steve & Julia said...

Already some rejoicing is in order, for the baby's safe arrival, for the miracle of modern medicine and travel, and for faith and the power of the priesthood. Sounds like prayers are being answered, and thank heavens for the blessing that it all could have been so much worse.
Our best to Sara and the baby.

msjvd said...

For anyone who wishes to see the baby, Jenny sent me a cell phone picture, which I posted on my facebook page and tagged her and Jesse into, so it shows on both their pages. (It's a tiny picture.)

You can see it here:


Please continue to pray for Sara, my niece. That index finger is still struggling to get needed circulation.

Melissa said...

wow. i sure hope everything turns out. Sara is such a sweetheart and am certainly a better person because of my friendship with her. she will be in my prayers. keep us updated.

The Rookie said...

Yikes Jen! I am praying for you all. She sounds like a trooper!

Marie Says Yes said...

oh. my.
What a champion. that is incredible... how fast things happen and that she was able to be the one reassuring everyone. you are right, she is truly a golden person, and I have thought so since the eighth grade. all will be well.

and here's just one thought to help you look at the bright side:
at least she's not pregnant anymore.

keep us updated!

Cinda said...

I hope she will be ok and able to come home soon. I'm glad the baby is doing fine. Two surgeries in one day. Wow. She is in our thoughts and prayers.

Bonnie said...

Im glad to hear that the baby and her are doing okay. What a miracle. I will pray for both of them.

Melissa Bastow said...

Man, that's scary. Inconvenient, yeah. But mostly scary. I'm glad she has all of her fingers. And that her baby is healthy. (No chance of anyone forgetting this baby's birth story.)

The Rookie said...

She told me she saw you! I'm kind of jealous it wasn't me instead of her! I hope all is well with Mom & Baby!