09 October 2010


Alex has planned to be Dr. Horrible for some time now.

I am thinking of making a simple eye mask, and when people ask me what I am, I'll say, "I'm just not myself."

What should I have the kids be? Think simple.


My5wmd said...

I saw this giraffe costume and wished I had a kid who would wear it. http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/giraffe-costume-930610/
I have some little girl costumes you are welcome to borrow - angel, flower, and hula dancer. Also, I have a poodle skirt. :)

Jesse said...

Umm... I'd recommend weather. Put quilt batting around Henry and he can be a cloud. Cut out lightning bolts and duct tape them to Grace and she can be lightning. Teach them appropriate sounds to make and VOILA. Halloween.

msjvd said...

I always think the baby bee costumes are cute, but it's not a tone that Henry would agree with. And Grace is alittle too close to the front of the Killer Bee line.

I think he'd make a great teddy bear, if'n you had the foolish patience and money to blow on that much fur.

I think anytime you put Grace in a "fairy," "princess" or other glittery pink costume, it's a Happy Day for her.

If you'd like to either of them to dress up as HOUSEGUEST at AUNTIE'S PLACE ON THE EAST COAST, we could arrange that.

michelle said...

Jenny I have a really cute lion costume Jace wore last year, its a size 2T but runs long. I'm coming down next weekend and could bring it.
Or I may have a duck one size 18m also if that size works better.
I love your costume idea HAHA

The Rookie said...

I am being a devil. I think I'll tell my student I can easily turn into Satan if they get on my bad side. I got the horns at Wal-mart for $3, so there you go. I can wear a red t-shirt and jeans and call 'er good.

Project Maniac said...

Just have them be muggles and where their regular clothes. Or have them dress themselves and say they are witches and warlocks disguised as muggles.

Pots and Pins said...

I think your costume sounds great and your kids should be guests at grandma's for halloween! Let them spend the night - heck the weekend even, sounds like you NEED a break! I'm so happy Sara and baby are doing well - what an ordeal! However, if I'd know cutting off the tip of my finger would have gotten either of my babies out sooner I might have considered it! There's an upside to everything! xo, Nan

Anonymous said...
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Melissa Bastow said...

Smurfs. As long as you don't mind that we might do that costume too.