18 October 2010

Oh Gordon! Oh Emily!

Alex has had a few good ideas for television programs. I thought I would share.

We were talking about feminine health, and he thought it would be nice if a children's program explained a few delicacies to pre-school age children.

Hello, this is Phil the Fallopian tube! Welcome to another episode of Your Mommy's Health.

Theme song: Each month your mom gets cranky,
And we're gonna find out why.
She might get mean and spanky,
Or she might just sit and cry . . .

Another bright idea: Spice up Thomas & Friends with some soap opera elements so moms and kids can both enjoy the same programming while Mom folds laundry.

Thomas didn't know that he was Gordon's illegitimate son, hence Gordon's constant disdain for Thomas was a mystery to him.

Gordon watched Emily every day as she ran her line. He wondered if she ever noticed him, or even returned his feelings for her. He looked longingly at her picture every night, and dreamed of the day he could openly declare his love.

Emily knew she could never be with Spencer because of his repellent arrogance, yet she cherished an inexplicable attraction him which smoldered, waiting to burst into flames of passion at any moment. 

Finally Gordon had had enough. He challenged Spencer to a duel at dawn for Emily's hand.


Linz said...

That WOULD make Thomas the Train better...

msjvd said...

It certainly makes Alex seem better, too.

Oh wait. That's not possible.

Queen Elizabeth said...
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Queen Elizabeth said...

I meant, hilarious!!

angela michelle said...

I'm dreaming of a show that has a little talking head in the sidebar that says, "Wait! Stay there on the couch for just a couple more minutes. Let mommy sleep, sleep is good for mommy. Stay right there."

The Yoder's Four said...


Dansie Family said...

funny girl.