05 October 2010

Possible Names for the Baby


Olivia Kay (We are easily agreed on the middle name, but Olivia has so many syllables.)


and this week: Honey Doney



Simply, Sarah said...

We have our baby's name ready, but the adoption hasn't happened yet, and I don't want to confuse anyone who administers his chemo!!
But, on Sunday, I was seriously considering our chosen name to Gordon. For one of Andy's uncles and for Gordon B. Hinckley.

The Stratton's said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I like the way kids think. When we told Marshall that "Brycen's Mommy" had her baby he said to me, "Next time, can we have another brother." I asked him what we should name it and he said Tyler. I told him why that would not work and he said to name him Dondin. Who knows!

Dansie Family said...

olivia is very popular, she'll have lots of friends with the same name. i like charlotte and bertie. not that you were asking my opinion, but i gave it anyway.

amy said...

Olivia can be Livi, which is cute and less cumbersome. I like your names. You counting on a girl? Because I'm sensing that Henry would be disappointed.

msjvd said...

You already know my thoughts on this.

Beyond that, if you name that child Moira and something bad happens, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

Angie Lewis said...

Christopher would agree completely with Henry! Good luck. It's usually easy to come up with names, but the agreeing part is another story...

The Yoder's Four said...

Madelyn wanted to name Luke "Pickle" and if it was a girl, "Princess Cutie Heart".

I love Charlotte! It's so you. Of course her full name would be reeeealllly long to spell out, but who cares. Choosing whatever name you want is your compensation for having to be pregnant for 9 months.

angela michelle said...

I love Olivia. I also like Lottie.

Jesse wants to call our baby "Mittens," Logan wants to call her "Ralph," even though I explained that names that evoke puking can never be attached to babies. He feels it makes it all the more appropriate. :)

Marie Says Yes said...

you know how i feel about olivia, man.

it is so shakespearean. sigh of happiness!

and charlotte would be the name of our next daughter if the double b would ever agree to it.

either way, i like your unique names. how 'bout bulah?

Jesse said...

I like Olivia. Just saying.

Melissa Bastow said...

My vote is Bertie. You really can't go wrong with a name like Bertie.

I'm glad you've survived 4 kids 4 and under! I had that once. Except they were all mine, even though I'm still waiting for someone to come claim them and take them off my hands no one has shown up to do so...

My5wmd said...

My 2 cents: I like Moira, but it's unusual enough around here she may get it mispronounced all the time. Here are a couple more idea you might like - Avery, Miriam (I wanted to use this one but was vetoed. Sigh.). Devony, Madelyn, and (best for last)...Darcie. Say it a couple of times. It'll grow on you. Darcie Kay. Come on, you know you love it. Baby names are so fun.

michelle said...

Did you find out that you're having a girl?!! Have you heard of nymbler.com? You put in names you like and it gives you similar ones.
I tried it with grace and henry and it came up with:
Ivy, Hazel, Claudia, Caroline, Elsa, Pearl, Lillian, Alice, Charlotte, Olive, Abigail, Clara, Matilda, victoria, Lucy, Gretchen, Audrey, Adelaide, Sophia, Amelia, Annalise, Daisy.

I'd go for something with 1 or 2 syllables unless you can shorten it like (alexander to alex)

Mary said...

My all time most favorite subject! I am not allowed to talk about names in my own home (except for one week in the eighth month of pregnancy) so I LOVE to talk about it with other people. We had Charlotte for a girl name, but when it was a boy we named him Charles which kind of ruled out Charlotte for later. We also did that with Eleanor and Elliott and Lucinda and Lucas. I guess I'm always in a mood. I love the book "Baby Name Wizard" and they also have a website. If you ever feel like chatting about it more, e-mail me! What about flower names - Violet, Hyacinth, Magnolia...mmm.

Anonymous said...

Since the middle name is a family name, why not keep to the same theme? I like Henry's brilliant idea of Emily. It is such a beautiful name. And every Emily you know seems to be quite lovely! But that's just my opinion.

-Aunt Emily