03 November 2010

Not JUST a Mom, a Hard Core Homemaker of Sock Folding Awesomeness

1. I wrote a little while ago about how I am "okay" with being a mom. I no longer think being a mom is just okay. I have realized the deep intrinsic value of the very pinky fingernail of every mother, and now I believe being a mom is pretty much tantamount to being President of the United States of America, while doing the laundry of the entire White House as well.

2. Pregnancy dreams are the worst. Especially when a gruesome accident happens to your beloved sister.

3. I do not believe that God sends us certain trials to teach us certain lessons. I believe that sometimes accidents, conditions, or bad choices just happen, and that God can help us deal with them in spite of the general entropy of the world.

That said, I knew when Sara had her accident that she  would have to learn to accept help from others, which I judged her to have a hard time doing. Now I am realizing that I too have an intense dislike for requesting help from anyone, and that I have some hard-to-swallow lessons to glean from this experience. Bah, humbug to humble pie's bad texture and bitter flavor.

4. Sara has taught me other valuable things, also. Such as the proper way to fold socks so that they stack neatly in your sock drawer.

And by "improper," I'm pretty sure this picture means the way 99% of mere mortals fold their socks.


Jesse said...

I agree with what you said about trials. Heavenly Father doesn't send trouble our way. He occasionally allows it with the promise that we can be victorious over any situation when we turn to Him.

Pregnancy dreams are completely crazy.

A tutorial on the socks please? That is pretty impressive.

Linz said...

I totally agree with #3 as well. We came here to experience life, and life just happens, and our Heavenly Father is there to help us through.

I don't fold socks. Seriously. I gave up years ago...

Jessica said...

I have a few comments to make.
1) I need to learn the proper way to fold socks
2) I also agree with your take on trials
3) Love the Family picture. You look very beautiful. Also love Grace's hair.
4) Super cute Hungry Caterpillar quilt.
5)Glad I am done with pregnancy for at least a year!

The Yoder's Four said...

Amen to #3. Sometimes I think people use that as an excuse for situations that they could otherwise change, but they think it's their destiny or whatever.

You don't want to see my sock drawer. How is it that Sara is still being a domestic goddess in her condition?!?

msjvd said...

1) The President of the United States today admitted to taking a "shellacking." So expect yours sometime.

2)Sara suffered a nightmare and came through it with a great attitude.

3)I thought maybe we just don't know if this was a blessing because our Miss Independent Mother/Canner of the Universe might have suffered something worse if she'd continued. Maybe blowing the house up with a steam canner or something. We just. Don't. Know.

4)A much older friend once told me she was quite certain that any attempt at folding which inserts one length of sock into the upper cuff results in those socks being stretched out and therefore, premature sock death. Would you bring that upon your household? GO AND TELL YOUR SISTER!

Marie Says Yes said...

1) Could I agree more on motherhood awesomeness? No, I do not believe I could.

2) Sorry about your dreams. Pregnancy dreams are yet another piece of crap encountered while baking a child. you are superhuman.

3) Hm. Interesting. I have never heard that, actually, and will spend time thinking on it.

4) I obviously need this sock lesson. Maybe Sara could teach relief society meeting for our ward?

Dansie Family said...

i hope i'm not pregnant because i had a horrible nightmare last night about tornadoes.

The Rookie said...

I like this post. It somehow links to my own sock-mating ideas and metaphors...and issues.

Tigger said...

I don't think there is a proper way to fold socks. With so many people helping me with sock matching/folding, I have learned that no one else folds socks the way I do. I decided that must be another one of my quirks, so I commented to Jen, and showed her/told her how I fold socks. . . nothing special--just different.