09 November 2010

Sock Folding Tutorial

Because I know you are burning with curiosity about how to fold socks via Sara's Awesome Method, I have prepared a special tutorial for you.

Step 1

1.Instead of just grabbing the socks, fold them flat on your hand.

Step 2
2. Place your thumb in a sock opening, holding the bulk of the sock in your hand. Pinch the single layer, and pull it around the rest of the sock.
Step 3
3. It will look like this if you stop halfway through.
Step 5
And this on your hand all the way through.


Slip your hand out, and now you have beautiful flat socks which stack neatly in your drawer.


Jessi said...

I thought of your sister's perfectly folded socks as I was doing laundry yesterday. Mine didn't come out quite right. I'll try again now that I see the proper way to do it.

Jesse said...

Thank you, my dear. So glad to hear your sister is on the mend.

Kate said...


This is hilarious.

You are hilarious.


Saddie said...

My mother trained me as a youth in the perfect method of folding socks. It was a little difficult to adapt to allowing imperfect socks, but I have since grown past that and into the realm of mediocrity where I'm quite content if the socks just end up in the drawers. :)

Jesse said...

I just fold my socks, like in Step 1. I don't ever get to Step 2.

msjvd said...

I prefer mine messy.

Gives me something to do in the morning.

Or... would give you something to do if you ever would visit???

Melissa Bastow said...

Apparently I'm lacking in sock folding zeal. I didn't even know that socks were supposed to "stack" in a drawer. I just shove all of ours in there and hope the drawer shuts. (I'm totally winning "home make of the year" - I just know it!)