01 December 2010

And Then a Small Child Barfed on my Foot...

Good Attitude Girl

I hope no one will refrain from telling Sara what an inspiration she is as a result of this post, but I have to write something funny she told me. She has had several people come up to her since the accident and say the following:

"Around the time of your accident, I was going through [insert difficult thing that is less difficult than having your fingers cut off and giving birth in the middle of it, followed by months of agonizing pain re-growing some of the most sensitive nerves in your body], and then I heard about what happened to you, and I was filled with gratitude and/or relief."

We both just think it is funny, because you could re-word that statement to say, "Wow, you pretty much have the WORST LIFE of anyone I know, and it makes me feel so much better."

Laughter is the best medicine, I suppose.

Truly, though, thanks again to our awesome community for all the prayers, kindness, floor moppings, etc. in her behalf.


msjvd said...

I called her and told her how gorgeous I thought her fingers looked... and tried to line her up to go get a tattoo with me.

She's just not having any of that tattoo stuff, Jen. She's a bit of a spoil-sport on that.

I think I'll go barf on someone's foot or sumpin'.

The Stratton's said...

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Jenny... I love your sense of humor! Seriously love it.

Marie Says Yes said...

muh-ha-ha! we are such a strange species. it terrifies me and amuses me all at the same time!
i think it's sort of a collective lame effort to say "wow, sara, i always thought you were great but now i know you're AMAZING!"
that's what i've come up with.

so funny.

The Yoder's Four said...

True--there's got to be some satisfaction in knowing that she has everyone topped in the trials dept. But she has handled it soooo much better than most of us would have!

I have to say, when you posted those pics of her hand on facebook, I wasn't prepared for the pins poking out of her fingers and I seriously got the heebie jeebies. Wow.

Gina said...

Right after my dad died, someone told my mom that she knew "just how she felt" because her cat had died recently. Really?? So.... it could be worse. People are funny!

Heidi said...

I have a friend who genuinely does have the suckiest life possible (crass, I know). I make it a point to call it how I see it.

I think she appreciates that.

Cory Reese said...

I've been the wearer of child barf many a time. Thanks for the post, and reminder to be grateful for upchucking. It could always be worse.