07 December 2010

And Your Little Bassett Hound, TOO!

I'll tell you why I'm annoyed with Pioneer Woman today.

Because of this post.

Which linked to this cookie recipe at Bake at 350.

It is their fault I had to make those cookies and decorate them. I blame both PW and Bake at 350 for the fact that I can't quit shoveling them into my mouth very fast, until there is only one plate left to give to neighbors. Curse them. Curse them both.


msjvd said...

You are preggers. Mangia! Mangia!
You can blame it on the future ankle-biter.

And while you're at it, Grace wants desperately to come and live with me because I promised her that she could have her weight in cookies.

Send immediately!

Linz said...

Mmmm... those do look yummy!!

The Yoder's Four said...

Good grief! Did you actually make both kinds of frosting, too? I've always wondered how to make pretty frosted cookies like that. Not that I have the patience to do it the "right" way. That recipe does sound delish, though.

Jen said...

No, I read the post about them, though. It said it's not tasty although it's pretty. I opted for a drippy cream cheese frosting. It's not as neat, but tastes better. Also, I didn't have meringue powder.

And they were yummy.

And no one is getting any of my babies, MSJVD. Mine, mine, mine!