20 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a busy year as usual around our house.
Alex has created an R2D2 which makes noise, turns its head, and which is among the select and elite few units who are able to successfully transition from two wheels to three wheels and back. R2 made his debut at Halloween, and now resides at Alex's new office because Jenny was less supportive about it residing in the front room. Alex's other project this fall was to start his own business. Blue Desert Digital* offers computer sales, service, and repair, as well as multimedia production, graphic, and web design. *Buy all our playsets and toys! http://www.bluedesertdigital.com/

Jenny spent this year as president of the Zion Piecemakers Quilt Guild. She was glad to turn over the reins in November. She also disbanded her book group, ran two races without preparing for them, and quit going to the gym. It has been a busy year. In March of this coming year she is excited to try having a baby at home for the first time. We hope to find out the gender on December 23rd.

Grace is honing her skills very early so that she can successfully enter the Fashion Police Academy. We expect she may be the youngest Chief of Fashion Police ever. Catch phrases: "Mom, that is not a good look for you." "I don't like that outfit."

While Grace points out bad hair days, Henry causes them with his amazing two-year-old tantrum skills. If tantrums become an Olympic sport, we expect at least a silver medal from him. Henry really loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Milk.

Overall, we are very happy and grateful that we have warm running water, food to eat, clothes to wear, and all of our fingers and toes. May you all enjoy the season as much as we enjoy knowing you.

Love, Alex, Jenny, Grace, Henry, and the Mysterious One


The Rookie said...

I love your family. I really do. And Grace's hair in the family photo: amazing! (Yours is quite lovely also.)

Queen Elizabeth said...

IF ONLY all Christmas letters could be this divine. Don't you love how most women feel some need to include their exercise regiment? I don't get it.
Merry Christmas!

Tigger said...

Love the Christmas card! Thanks for sharing. :)

Linz said...

Great Christmas letter and very cute family pictures! :) I wish you the very best in your home birth. You are braver than me!! Can't wait to find out what your little #3 is!!! Merry Christmas!