08 December 2010


My aunt has started an awesome website. She is in the broadcast journalism industry, and the the site is for professionals to upload interesting backstory to news items that they cover. Check it out here:


Please click the like button on the facebook page here, because I am in a campaign to be her favorite oldest niece, and your co-operation would help me a lot:

NewsGaggle on Facebook.

I like the celebrity section, but the US and International is also fun because you can sometimes see camera people in strange, almost contortionist, positions to get a good angle on the shot. Even famous teenage camera people . . .

Is anyone else as Not Excited as I am about all the extremely young celebrities who are writing their life stories or having movies made about themselves when they are not yet 30? (Ahem, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, etc.?)

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msjvd said...

I'm not at all excited about celebrity "backstory" and pictures, but I am excited about behind the scenes at the White House and on road trips.

And I'd be really excited if your friends would please offer any comments or suggestions they might have for making the site better.