15 December 2010

Random Notes

1. One of the library books we read this week was Henny Penny. I didn't realize that it was the story of chicken little, and I didn't realize that Henny Penny and all of her friends get EATEN by a family of foxes in the end.

I thought that was sort of macabre for a children's book. What kind of lesson are we trying to teach here? If you are a less observant individual, don't talk to other people, or they will eat you alive? And all of your friends with you?

2. Alex has strep throat and has looked like a walking zombie for several days. He finally caved and went to the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics. Now he only looks half-zombie ish.

3. I overcooked the caramel I was making to coat pretzels yesterday.  Now they are more like hard chewy toffee coated pretzels. Just now, when I looked at my two year old caramel post, I noticed that I could have prevented that problem by following my own dang instructions. So I reiterate: Do not use a candy thermometer at high altitude! Test the caramel firmness in cold water.

My friend said I can still give them away with a nice label that says, "Use of this product may cause intense feelings of gratitude, uncontrollable cravings, excessive love for fellow man, and may damage your dental work. Recipient agrees to hold giver in no way responsible for damages, direct or incidental (hah!) that may arise from normal use." I think it is very clever, but I still hesitate to give it away, because I don't want someone to come after me to pay for a dental re-fill. I'm thinking I'll trash it and make it again. $6 of wasted caramel and pretzels is cheaper than even one $150 filling.



Linz said...

hahaha! First off - Auri brought home Henny Penny, and I thought the same thing you did... Whaaaaat?

I will happliy take all of your tainted prezels. ;)

Jesse said...

You could just call them toffee suckers instead.

The Yoder's Four said...

Soooo...I am going to attempt to make some caramel this weekend. I live at a higher altitude than you. Time to go old school with the soft ball test? And not on a cloudy day, as I recall? Wish me luck!

PS. If you add water to the caramel and nuke it, won't it thin out a bit? I'm sure you could use it for something.

The Rookie said...

A. I'd go for some toffee-caramel-whatever-they-may-be-pretzels right now.

B. What is it with the sick and twisted children's stories of yesteryear? It is all: "Do this, do that, AND THEN YOU DIE A MOST ATROCIOUS DEATH!"

msjvd said...

Mail 'em to me. I'll take 'em to the office. I'll get all the gratitude. Everyone there knows I make so little money that it's not worth suing over.

Jessi said...

I undercooked the caramel I made yeterday. Somehow we need to find a happy medium.

Holly said...

Give your pretzels away. Home made christmas gifts aren't supposed to be perfect, and some people will probably like them better the way they are.

My5wmd said...

I would make more, but that's just me. One of my batches of caramel pops didn't harden enough and were chewy, so I had to keep them and eat them by myself. So sad. But seriously, for me it's not the trade-off on the price of ingredients vs. fillings debate, but rather the trade-off on the price of ingredients vs. my self-esteem. I think it's worth another few dollars to not give something I feel badly about.