18 January 2011

The Bright Side

I was reading the comments on my post about Henry's last hair incident, and my kind sister pointed out that I should make him some felt cars because they would stick to his head. At this point, I am thinking trains would be even better received by him.

In other news, I did it. I started a sewing blog, and I am still experimenting with form, function, fashion, etc. You can see all the stuff I didn't post on here for Christmas as well as an overly photographed skirt tutorial, which I mentioned earlier, at Stitchhack.com. Please feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions in the nicest floweriest kindest way possible, because I am very sensitive.


Thora said...

This is perfect timing! I took a sewing class in college, so I know, in theory, how to sew, but I hadn't done anything for a long time, but then I started sewing a room redo for my girls for Christmas (curtains, duvet covers, pillow shams)(and yes, it's the middle of January, and I'm about halfway done), with the aid of my sister in law, who sews a ton, and it got me really excited about sewing again, and I got a new (to me) sewing machine for Christmas, and basically what I'm trying to say in the longest sentence ever, excepting those by William Faulkner, is that I'm excited to expand my sewing abilities, which have atrophied to nothing. So this is the perfect timing.

Also, despite the fact I never comment anymore, because I'm lame, and have even abandoned blogging, only because for me I have to have exterior and interior calm to blog, and my exterior calm left me about a year ago, but anyway, I still like reading your blog, and it's very exciting you're pregnant, and I do hope your luck turns around soon.

Also - what's the link to the blog - I can't seem to find it?

Anonymous said...

Thora, there's a clickable link right there in her post.

The new blog looks great!

Now I need to go read what happened to Henry's hair.

The Yoder's Four said...

Looks fabulous!! Nice job on all the pictures. Tutorials look like a ton of work so kudos on taking them on. I'm referencing your corner binding instructions next time I'm brave enough to quilt.

Melissa Bastow said...

I like your sewing blog!!

angela michelle said...

Okay I checked out stitch hack and I'm pretty stunned that you are accomplishing all that in your delicate condition.

msjvd said...

Is there no more bloggety-blog HERE at this location? I must say that will make me quite grumpy.