27 January 2011

The No. 1 Ladies Book Group, and an Argument with Myself

I am going to book club tonight, to discuss books about Africa. I read the The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency yesterday and the day before, and I found it very delightful. It looks like it is a series, so I may have to look into that if there is not something more scintillating to read for next month.

In other news, I have SIX weeks left today. Hooray! That's only one more sharing time, four weeks of conducting primary, and one week of everyone saying, "Haven't you had that baby YET? You look like you are about to POP!"

I am in a dither about whether to attend my brother's wedding in three weeks.

Reasons to Go
* I LOVE my Baby Brother and his Cutie Fiance with a deep and abiding love
* It is two weeks before I am due, and I have never had a baby that early
* Someone has graciously accepted my request to co-ordinate my Bountiful Baskets site that weekend.
* Many of my relatives who I love a lot will be there.
* I cannot take pictures if I am not there.

Reasons to Stay
* Sleeping away from home is not my children's strong point.
* Driving in a car for a long time is not my strong suit when very, very pregnant.
* Sleeping away from home is not my strong suit when I am very, very pregnant.
* I will be very, very pregnant.
* Also, I cry at some weddings and at least twice a week when I am very, very pregnant, and I don't have waterproof mascara right now. I think that is a recipe for possible disaster.
* Gracious Baby Brother said he would understand either way.
* If I stay home, my puffy face and puffy everything else will not be captured via photograph.
* There is a reception in our home town the week after.
* Who knows what sorts of odd things altitude changes can do to a neurotic very pregnant woman?
* Did I mention how very, very pregnant I will be?

Please feel free to throw out other reasons to stay or go in the comments. Preferrably reasons to stay, because I'm leaning toward going right now, and it's giving me a lot of anxiety.


Linz said...

Oh, you should go. You've be sad forever about missing it, and it'll make for a fun (or funny) memory. What's the worst that could happen? You deliver the baby in a strange place? No big deal, right? haha And it's something to hang over his head in the future... ("I drove ALL THE WAY to your wedding NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!") see what I mean? You can't turn those opportunities down! ;)

tiffany said...

im linz sister i agree with her 100% you should go if you have the baby your borther & his new wife will love it they will always remember your babys birthday

angela michelle said...

how long is the drive? how comfy will your accommodations be? will your husband be willing to handle the kids largely solo for the weekend? or--crazy thought--what if he handled them totally solo at home and you went alone?

amy said...

Ryan's sister will be married about two months after I deliver and I am already in a fret about being photographed in what I am assuming will still be a state of obesity. It takes more than two months to lose sixty pounds.

Point is, I would understand if you opted out, but I would probably go, be wildly uncomfortable, avoid cameras vigilantly, and complain ever after.

Good luck deciding. Pregnancy is no picnic.

PS. Congrats on your six weeks to go. My nine feels still overwhelming. I will outweigh my six foot one inch tall, weight-lifting spouse by the end; it is inevitable. Horrors.

The Rookie said...

Quite the dilemma. In these situations (the heavily debated kind) I often ask myself something like, "what will you think about this one year, two years from now, ten years from now?" I then immediately say to myself, "it is NOW, though!"

I'm no help. And I know it. You'll figure this out and feel both happy and miserable with your choice. Isn't that comforting?

And congrats on the remaining six weeks! You'll be happy when that is over. Period.

The Yoder's Four said...

You should go! Assign your children to various relatives who would love nothing more to play with them while you're up there. Tell Alex that potty breaks are required at least once an hour while on the road. And if you're the one snapping pictures, you won't be in more than one or two yourself!

Although I DO sympathize with you wanting to stay home. Being very pregnant is no fun, but you'll be uncomfortable no matter where you are. And you might be stuck at home in labor/with a newborn when the reception rolls around and won't be able to make it.

Dansie Family said...

go! it'll take your mind off being very very pregnant for a few minutes at least.

msjvd said...

Perish the thought of popping! Don't go near that wedding!

In fact, I suggest you go the opposite direction, take a left turn and go as far as you can... or at least to the East Coast.

I'll have bread and homemade chili waiting.

Alternately, yeah, I think you ought to go. You will feel bad if you miss it and I love pictures of you all preggers and stuff.

Jesse said...

I think that the general concensus is that you should come, mostly so that you'll be happy about it later. You may also find joy in the fact at the moment that you will be able to hold it over my head for years.

That being said, if you think something bad is going to happen, like birthing complications, I don't want you there. Your baby is more important than witnessing my wedding.

Oh, and finally, if you don't come, you will not receive free cheesecake or a lovely luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (just across from the temple... no long walking or anything). We'll also be taking most of the important pictures on Friday night before the reception, just fyi.

Second finally, I don't know where you're expecting to stay, but there's a very roomy home in West Jordan that I bet a very lovely woman we both love would love to have you stay in. Built in babysitters and comfy beds. That's all.

Also, you will have most of Saturday to travel back if so desired. Or you could stay over Sunday and have someone cover for you at church.

I'll love you no matter what you decide though :)

Marie Says Yes said...

These people are all crazy!
As a recently enormously large pregnant woman, and reflecting on the deep emotional scarring that leaves, I say you should stay home.
You adore your baby brother. He adores you. Nothing can change that.
You shouldn't risk your health and strength. Health and STRENGTH, sister.

Holly said...

Go, but only if you can leave the munchkins home with someone else AND you can take enough pillows etc to get a decent night's rest.

Anonymous said...

Now you don't have to worry about it... sadly. I feel so sad for Jesse. I feel like making him a tribute CD and sending it to him...I'm so 80's.