13 January 2011

Widely Swings the Pendulum

So, as far as winning things, I have had some great luck lately. Just today I learned that I won a print from one of my favorite photographers. However, in order that the Universe might keep in balance, I have also had some not great luck. And I'm not just talking about arriving with a seemingly healthy child at the doctor's at the wrong time of my hormonal roller-coaster. Today my sister was laughing so hard at me that I think she almost cried, so I thought I'd better share a little list.

* I recently dropped a three or four hour old cell phone in the toilet. I did not purchase insurance on the phone.

* I lost a $100 bill in December, which was emotionally significant, because it was part of an awesome heartfelt thank you note from my poor hand-crippled sister, intended to purchase a car seat for my forthcoming son (not daughter.) I think I may have accidentally thrown it in the trash.

* My beloved sister bought me a car seat after generously forgiving my idiocy, which made my being a huge loser even WORSE. 

* New Years Resolution? So far, pretty much a FAIL.

* Remember when I accidentally shaved Henry's head? Yeah, well I did it again. The exact same way. Stupid shaver guards. It hasn't even been ONE YEAR since the last time I did it. My father-in-law, who was in the next room both times, informed me that they were not laughing with me. They were laughing at me. And who can blame them?

* The night I shaved Henry's head, I was complaining to Alex about how rotten my luck has been, and how I am getting sick of eating humble pie—bitter, bitter humble pie. Then I went to pour myself a glass of milk, in which to drown my sorrows, and instead of hitting the cup, I poured milk all over the table, on the seam so that it dripped all over the floor as well. Alex generously cleaned up my mess, saving me from bending over while seven months pregnant. He did laugh at my expense, but I can't blame him.  I had a hard time keeping my sour grapes face at that point as well.

Let us hope that this bloggy bad luck purge will enable me to get back in balance and quit winning contests so that I can also quit being a big loser in other areas.

So, how is  your January?


The Rookie said...

I really, really hate this month. And the next. It is this wretched 2 month chunk of the year in which all things bad settle in to stay a while. And drag on in every possible way.

I'm so sorry about the loss of the $100 bill amongst other mishaps. That kind of thing drives me NUTS!

Jon & Bridget said...

Hope you had fun tonight at quilt guild. :) I ran into Alex at DQ. Grace was telling me all sorts of stories while Alex took Henry to go potty! Anyway... I noticed that Henry's hair was shaved and thought he looked adorable. Just so you know!

The Stratton's said...

Oh my. I can't believe your range of luck. There always has to be something keeping us on our toes... better luck through the rest of this month.

Claire said...

:) I love you, Jenny. Thanks for making us all feel not quite so bad about our luck and helping us to realize it could be worst. ;)

sammygrace said...

Oh sister it will all swing better just keep a smile on :) if nothing else ya always got lots of fam who loves ya and whose there to laugh when each of us spills milk. no stress. for a lil pick me up of inspiration listen to Carrie Underwood's There's a Place For Us. it's good :) random but i likey:)

The Lemmon's said...

I did draw your name the other night in the contest. I was so glad you came and could catch up with you a little bit. I too feel something of a let-down/down-in-the-dumps feeling this time of year. I think it's hard to get back to normal after the Christmas season. Hope you feel better soon! (And I've been stressing because my daughter lost her book order coupon worth $4!)

The Yoder's Four said...

Oh nooo I would have FREAKED about the cell phone and $100! It sounds familiar, though: after Luke destroyed my cell phone a week before Christmas (i.e. the worst time for unexpected bills), I got a new one which was "free" once you sent in the $50 rebate.

Then my DAUGHTER who shall remain UNNAMED took the box the phone came in with the UPC needed to send in the rebate and HID it under my bed and watched as I tore the house apart for two weeks looking for it. She claims she was protecting it from Luke, which all in all was not a bad idea, but now I'm rambling and I'm very sorry for all your troubles.

And Sara is an awesome sister.

The Yoder's Four said...

And PS. I'm excited that you won A Little Sussy print. I've been reading that blog thanks to you and totally love it. Which image did you choose? I loved the carousel one.

Gina said...

Lately I've had 2 entire conversations with my husband, which I can ABSOLUTELY not even remember having. I think it's a woman thing. Too many things to think about at once!
You'll get a LITTLE more of your brain back after the baby comes!
I hope you don't have to eat any more humble pie for awhile, and that spring comes quickly!

Melissa said...

And I thought 2010 was bad. I'm so sick of 2011, I can't wait for it to end! We've had a ton of awful things happen already, including the fact that my husband wrecked BOTH of our cars last week. Sweet.

I hope your luck (outside of contests) gets better (but I did laugh at the cell phone thing)!

I'm going to "Follow" you right now!


Linz said...

My January started with a forced cancelling of a trip to Jamaica because the fools at the passport agency misplaced my file. After numorous calls, and finally one angry letter, they found the documents and my passport arrived two days after we should have left. Not a great start to the year. Sorry yours has been... well interesting.... :)

Mary said...

A New Year's blessing: May your life be free of catastrophe and may you always find lost money in your pockets.

Brittany said...

Can we have a picture of Henry's haircut? (Again! Ha Ha Ha!:) I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my word. I'm very sorry and also maybe laughing a little.

I'm very clumsy while pregnant. Also when not pregnant. But I wasn't clumsy before I had kids, so I think the pregnancies must have caused permanent coordination damage.