28 February 2011

Home Birth Supplies

I will be birthing this babe at home, and I have been compiling stuff for the event from a list my midwife gave me. I found the list interesting, so I thought I would share some of the items.

* Custom Birth Kit from http://www.inhishands.com/.
* Lots of fluids to stay hydrated
* Shower curtain liner (or any textured plastic)
* Old, clean sheet, that can be thrown away if necessary
* 2 old receiving blankets, to be wrapped in foil and warmed in oven during labor
* Bottle each of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide
* pillows, towels, etc.

The birth kit has stuff like sterile gloves, absorbent disposable pads, and bunch of other miscellaneous medical supplies you might not easily find on the shelf at Walgreens. The list is longer, but you get the idea.


msjvd said...

No bullets to bite? Really? Going to use big old stick? Wipe the dirt off first!

I think you and Alex are really brave.

amy said...

You got it, girl.

My midwife was telling me about all the weird crap women bring to their births--stuff like bubble wrap to walk on during contractions, or big hunks of clay and a tarp to slam the clay down on. I felt supremely uncool for not having any primal instincts about activities to facilitate baby-expulsion. I was just envisioning writhing around and moaning until it's all over, but I guess some women have a more take-charge approach.

I can't wait to hear how this goes. I bet it's awesome. Are you renting a pool?

Linz said...

You are brave! I have a panic attack every time I think about it! But you'll do great! Good luck!!

Jen said...

I'm not renting a pool, but the list recommends a 24" kids blow up pool, a hose that can connect to a hot water source, a water thermometer, and a small fish net if you want to do that.

I thought I might do some of the hard labor in the tub or shower, but get out for the birthing part.

The Yoder's Four said...

Might I suggest ear plugs for your husband and children? Hahahaha...but seriously.

Having something to crush/bite/kick/throw also helps. Someone's hands, a pillow, a giant beanbag...you're allowed to be hysterical and crazy so you might as well take advantage.

Hope all goes well and that the little munchkin comes fast! Sounds like "fun"!

P.S. What on earth is the fish net for?!

Jen said...

I have no idea about the fish net. I thought it was pretty funny! Maybe for cleaning up general detritus after you're done?

angela michelle said...

Yeah, the fish net for catching the placenta?

I had forgotten you were going at home. I've done 3 natural labors, but none at home or in water. You'll be awesome. Can't wait to hear about it. How does your husband do during labor?

Jen said...

Alex is very supportive. He always encourages right when I need it, which is such a great relief. He's a little nervous, but I'm working on getting him to at least pretend confidence when we get down to business.

Kate said...

Rock on!

Marie Says Yes said...

may the force be with you.

Dansie Family said...

good luck!! i can't wait to hear all the details. too bad i'm done having abbaies or i might try the homebirth way, you make it sound so galmorous and exciting.

Thora said...

I'm jealous! When I was in England, I was planning on having a home birth, but then our landlords rescinded their permission, because it made them nervous (it shows me for asking, I guess). I'd like to have one though - so much less fuss then going to the hospital. And then the midwife would actually BE there during labor, as apposed to my general experience, where the midwife shows up during transition, just like a doctor. Boo.

That's great Alex is supportive - definitely a must for a home birth (any natural birth?).

Jen said...

This will be my first natural birth. Yaaay!

Gina said...

You go girl. The list is quite interesting. Please spare us no details!

msjvd said...

Spare your very unbrave and very squeamish auntie ALL details of ickyness. I've always taken that approach and it's worked out quite well.

Fishnet... to catch the little mucker as he flies out? Weirdness. I thought I told you up front to get the kids wading pool involved?

Seriously, Jen, if you decide to spare no details, could you be so kind as to tell me to avoid reading your blog (and the comments) for a day or three.

I don't want all your fans to miss out, but I don't want to heave the cupcakes, either.

My5wmd said...

I'm actually a little jealous, too. I need to buddy up to someone who's pregnant so that I can attend an actual live birth. I was there for all of my own kids' births, of course, but I was a little occupied. I would like to see it from the outside. Good luck. We expect a facebook announcement the instant you go into labor, with regular updates. You'll be up for that, right?