11 February 2011

Not Dead. Yet.

1. I finished The Time Traveler's Wife. I found it very compelling, and I thought the premise was super clever. I felt down when it was over, and the author was more liberal with sex and the f-word than I am comfortable with. Can't say whether I would recommend it or not. Alex was very dismayed with my descriptions of some things that happened in the book. He feels like the world has enough unhappiness that we don't need fictional unhappiness on top of that. I don't agree, but my brain is too full to argue about it right now. Jane Eyre just wouldn't be Jane Eyre without the shocking unhappy plot twist in the middle.

2. We are almost all sick around here, except Alex. He makes the beds, works all day, cleans the house, bathes the kids, and puts them to bed. I lie on the couch, trying not to die. I am feeling better today, though. See? I'm typing!

3. Baby brother and his fiance have cancelled the wedding, so I no longer have to travel when I am about to pop. I am sad and happy about this at the same time.

4. I made this puppet for Grace, and she liked it. Details of construction are on Stitch Hack.

final minky puppet pic

4. CSN has contacted me to do another giveaway. Should I do it? They just seem so impersonal, but I don't oppose free stuff for the patient people who read my rants. What are your thoughts?


Linz said...

Sorry you are all sick. That isn't any fun. We've been sick for a while around here too. Get better!!!

Sorry to hear about your brother's wedding. My sister cancelled her's too a while ago and it was really hard and sad. I hope everything is okay, though.

I don't like unhappy stories. So I think I'll skip that book...

Jesse said...

I hope you guys get feeling better. We just came through a long week or the yuckies. Terrible, terrible stuff.

I read TTW a few years ago and had the same reaction. I thought it was brilliantly put together (can you imagine the story board?) and that it raised some interesting questions about relationships. But I couldn't get past the language and the sex. I understand the place these things can have in literature (Jude the Obscure, or Tess of D'Urbervilles...). But it was a little too detailed and it felt gratuitous. When the movie came out there were a lot of friends asking about the book. I had a hard time recommending it.

AND, not to write a novel in your comments my dear, but I agree with you that there a purpose to fictional unhappiness. I was about to quote you some scripture but I've got a baby who needs nursing and a 5-year-old who won't stop talking to me. Wish I could be in your book group...

Marie Says Yes said...

i'm okay with hardship in fiction if -- like Jane Eyre -- the house can burn down, the crazy wife can die, the hottie sinner can go blind, and everything can work out happy in the end. So romantic. Sigh. (Plus... I don't know if I'd have Jane's strength. I hope, but I don't know. His "stay and we'll live in sin" speech is pretty darn compelling to my feminine weaknesses.)(And now you know the truth about me.)

I am also sorry that in your current state you are sick. Ben never understands (though full of service) why the husband should be blamed for the wife's unbearable late pregnancy condition. I think this speaks of his innocence, because really, it's ALL their fault. So while I appreciate Alex's efforts, my advice to you is to stay on the couch and he'll live through this time if you do.

I hope your brother will be okay. I am glad you don't have to kill yourself in the effort, though. Not that that makes it better for him, but I was worried about you here in my cul-de-sac.

I have written you this enormous comment completely free of charge. It's like we've had a conversation or something! Hang in there!

The Yoder's Four said...

Sorry to hear about your sickness and the canceled plans! That stinks!! Glad you found the strength to blog again, though. We've missed you.

angela michelle said...

Oh no! Sick?! Not an ideal time for that! Glad Alex is around to help, and hope you feel better soon.

I loved Time Traveler's Wife, despite the too-much sex. I did not love the author's newer book.

Robert and Sherry Leal said...

I read The Time Traveler's Wife a while back, before the movie came out, and felt exactly the same way as you about the sex and language. I read the bio on the author and, with her picture, imagined her as this reserved little librarian. Boy, was I wrong. :) I prefer happy endings, for the most part, but I think difference between this book and Jane Eyre is just that...the ending. I liked how the movie kind of gave it a lighter feel, though, than the book. Minus the naughty stuff, too.

Cory Reese said...

Good luck on not dying. I believe in you.

msjvd said...

I've already told you what I want and you selfishly deny my request. You have two and another one is imminent. Surely you could send Grace to me? She's practically ready to start college anyway, right?

Lisa said...

Hi Jenny! :) Thought I'd say hello. Had your baby yet? LOL... I was a week late with one of mine and I wanted to kill anyone who asked during that week: Have you seen pictures up yet??? Well then duh! So hopefully your absence means you are TAKING the pictures.

I'd like a give away. Better yet, how do you get them to give you a free give away? I always wondered.
I still have 3 more months with mine. He's still welcome to stay :) Sounds like yours is close to eviction :) Good luck!