06 March 2011

Positive Mental Attitude

As far as candy bars are concerned, right now it's probably between Nan and the several of you who guessed March 7. No real progress, but I am doing my best to have a positive mental attitude. Nan will win by default as the latest guess if I go too long.

I can tell I am not in a normal frame of mind because I have almost finished a quilt that does not have an intended recipient, and I almost never have the motivation to finish something unless a baby is due or a quilt show is coming up!

Today is the Ultrasound due date, but 40 weeks isn't until Thursday, and since I am using a midwife there will be no begging for an induction for me. Also, I forgot Paulette! That is five of us due this week. She is to be induced on Thursday, so may the force be with her as well.

I finished reading book 3 of Fablehaven again, and I loved it. The romance plot line in this one really got me this time.

Also, I just read Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank.

GetMeOut(Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank) [Hardcover](2010)byRandi Hutter Epstein

It was well written and well researched, but some of the horrible archaic practices at the beginning weren't the best thing for me to read in my current state.


amy said...

Oh, man. The forty weeks, they last SO LONG. Your baby will come out.

I will be 37 weeks, and therefore legal to birth out-of-hospital, on Thursday. Maybe we'll both go into labor.

A girl can hope.

Linz said...

Oh, you sweet thing. It'll happen soon! Come on little guy! Get moving!!!!

The Yoder's Four said...

Mark and I were watching a show last night and they said that marijuana used to be used for labor pains. I don't think they smoked it, but it was in various pharmaceutical tinctures. Totally kosher back then!!

PS. Let's see this new quilt!

Tigger said...

April had her baby boy yesterday

Good luck when the time comes. If you want me to come try and scare my nephew out, let me know ;).

Love you lots. My thoughts 'n prayers are with you.

Simply, Sarah said...

Ok, bein' selfish here...if you wait for Wednesday, your baby will have the most AWESOME and pretty rare birthday as far as cool birthdays go. I've only met 2 other people with my birthday in my WHOLE life!

Jesse said...

I want to see Sara scare the baby out of you!

Pots and Pins said...

YEAH for me!!! And yeah for you - the quilt you finished is fabulous! I'm trying to figure out the block - is it rail fence with a large square? Can't tell on my little lap top! As long as that baby stays in there you need to keep quilting!! But now that I know I guessed the latest date I really want you to have the babe for your sake!!! Good luck and let us know when he arrives!! xo, Nan