14 March 2011

The Value of Peer Review in College English Classes

My friend mentioned rabbit stew for dinner, and it reminded me of a story from yesteryear.

When I was in college, my younger sister and I were roommates for awhile. She took an English class that required her to write a narrative about a personal experience.

Sara chose to share about the time she saved a baby calf's life, when it was drowning in a pool of fetid manure. She went out to feed the cows right before a church event. I think it was her Laurel graduation. Anyway, the calf was struggling and likely to drown in the morass.

So Sara, in her brave, bold, loving way, jumped right in, got covered in manure and mud from head to toe to favorite watch, and dragged the calf out of the junk. She is kind of like a superhero in many ways. Her very favorite watch smelled like manure ever after, all in the name of saving some poor calf from a stinky early grave.

Isn't she pretty? Anyway, she wrote this experience up for her class, and had to have some peer reviews. This valuable tidbit is what one of her peers wrote on her paper:

"Done caught a rodent!"
"We's eatin' good tonight."

And that, my friends, is why peer reviews are so valuable in college and high school English classes.


Linz said...

First off - that was awesome of your sister to do. I don't think I could have done that!

Second - that is too funny! I probably would have smack that kid on the back of the head...

msjvd said...


Stop sitting around writing and go find a calf to wrestle. That'd get things going!

Sara is purely awesome.

Jen said...

NO, I haven't had the baby, and I am assiduously focusing on other things and keeping myself very busy sewing and laundering and reading stuff on the internet to distract myself!

And yes, she is purely awesome.

The Yoder's Four said...

Bahahahahahahahaha! Sounds like a line straight out of "O Brother, Where Art Thou"!

Sara looks great. She must have muscles of steel! Calves ain't exactly dainty animals!

Dansie Family said...

that is awesome. and the rabbit stew was aesome as well

msjvd said...

Perhaps learning a few new vocabulary words will help:

parturient (from the Latin word: parturientem)
teeming (feel like you got your own team in there?)
MASSIVITOUSNESS (wait... I made that one up!)
parous (not to be confused with PARIS)

Ok... study up. We'll have a test later. Still love me?

Tigger said...

I loved joking about that for the rest of the time we were roommates and occasionally ever after. At grandma B's house we certainly ate better than Buford and his buddy.

That experience was also a great testimony builder of the power of prayer. Dad showed up to help me wash off the cow just as I was praying about what to do once the calf was out.

I was also giving the opening prayer at my Y.W. graduation. I cut it pretty close (& had to go stinky, even after a couple of thorough scrubbings).

Melissa said...

Girlfriend, you are a way better woman than I am! If someone had offered to sever my spinal cord with an axe during labor, I would have welcomed it. Even when I had a Cesarean, I started labor and asked for pain meds. The doctor said, "Does it hurt that bad?" and I responded, "No, but I don't want it to hurt AT ALL!!"