15 May 2011

Dino Tracks


This weekend I went out to the Dinosaur tracks with the hot guy pictured above (click on the image for a slightly better look, but sorry, he's taken). 


We also brought the munchkins.

The clouds made the light nice. I don't think Northern Utah photographers appreciate the smog as they should. It really dulls the nasty shadows. I mean, I would have looked WAY worse in my scrubby shoes, holey bleach-stained yoga pants and race t-shirt if the sun had been too harsh.

Here is something Alex and I have in common with red necks:


We like to shoot things. The only difference is Alex and I use cameras instead of guns.


Linz said...

hahaha! We love the dinosaur tracks!! Glad you had fun!

The Yoder's Four said...

So true about the lighting! Those whiny northern Utahn-ers.

angela michelle said...

You have the most adorable family. And I don't think it's just the lighting.

Melissa Bastow said...

I always look better in smog too. (I look even better when it's pitch black, but that's just a whole other subject.)

msjvd said...

What? You had MORE vacationing attractions and possibilities that I didn't see when I was there? I'm going to need a big, FAT 'nother go-round.

Nice pictures. More closeups next time. Red is a good color for Alex, but I did want to see him a bit closer.

Saddie said...

Gotta love dinosaur tracks! It's nice that there are so many around what with a 4 year old boy who LOVES dinosaurs. It sure makes being an awesome mom a whole lot easier. Of course this mom stays BEHIND the camera :)

The Rookie said...

I've never heard of this spot. And you LOOK amazing considering you recently gave birth (at home) to that sweet baby!

Dansie Family said...

cute shirt. i hope you're in for this year.

Anonymous said...

That really is such a great picture of you, Jenny. I wish to see your hunny a little closer, but that's such a great, great picture of you and Jethro.