04 May 2011


Things I don't Like

Blog withdrawals

The way babies smell after
*filling diapers
*spitting up
*being held by heavily perfumed women (even if the perfume is good, somehow the leftovers are not always so ... )

Newborns are magnetic to weirdos and dirty children's fingers

The ear-rattle scream of gaseous pain
The sleep habits, though Scott is actually angelic on this front

Things I Like

Their tiny voices
Their tiny hands
Their tiny pretty-much-everything

Free pass to use words like "huggie cuddle wuddle snugglesaurus" in a vocabulary-appropriate voice all the time
Free pass to nap at any time, not that I can use that anymore with three. This is me hoping for when school starts

Delicious meals cooked and brought via many beloved people for days after the birth

When newborns fall asleep on you. Oh the trust. It's like crack (at least, that's what I imagine crack to be like—since it is highly addictive)

The way they smell after a bath

People who are not weird or dirty are always willing to hold newborns so I can do things like cook dinner, attend other children, or sit down for a few minutes


Linz said...

I love post-bath smell the most!!!
And hate wierdos touching my baby.


Tigger said...

Scotty is so cute>
Babies are so fun!

Jillybean said...

If I lived closer, I would totally hold your newborn!

The Yoder's Four said...

I want to cuddle a new baby! Luke still allows me to snuggle and kiss him and smell his head and hold him while he sleeps though. Maybe I'll just come borrow Scott for a while.

I'll give him back to you once he poops.