09 May 2011

Sisters: Then and Now


Two of us got married that year.


Three got married within the last year. Can I just say that I have supermodel sisters? Thank you.

Now, we just need to marry off that handsome, successful, charming, brilliant brother of ours, and we'll be set.


Linz said...

You ARE all supermodels!! :)

Tigger said...

I need a copy of that picture from Suzie-Q's wedding!

Do you possibly have a copy of it after I switched hands so my good hand is showing? I would prefer that one if you have a copy of it. . .

You are wonderful, and absolutely gorgeous too!

The Yoder's Four said...

That top picture is still how I remember your two youngest sisters. I can't believe they're MARRIED now!

And yes, you are all supermodels.

Jesse said...

Amen to everything!

The Rookie said...

Nothing better than sisters--you're all GORGEOUS!