19 June 2011


This morning I asked Grace to draw a few pictures for Fathers Day, so we could give them to her grandpas with their cookies. She obliged by drawing several pictures. I randomly picked two, and asked her which one I should give to which grandpa. She designated the picture of the house for one grandpa, and then informed me that she wasn't going to give the other one to a grandpa.

I looked a little closer at the picture, and I decided that a picture with a dead body at the bottom might not be a great Fathers Day card, either. So we gave Grandpa another of her works.


Marie Says Yes said...

i've been away and so i got to catch up on a few posts. and i am still laughing about you, the "dirty editing hypocrite."

i think you don't know just how blog-worthy your little life stories are. they always keep me entertained!

Jesse said...

So considerate, that daughter of yours. :)