21 June 2011

Graceful Art + Apricot Art

Henry will begin earnest potty training tomorrow morning. Grace decided that it should involve this:

git present

"GIT I PRESENT" which, interpreted, means "get presents," because my darling little angels are not actually gits.

As a present, I will benevolently return the toys and dress up clothes I took from them this week and a few weeks ago for not cleaning their room often enough. It will practically be Party Training instead of Potty Training.

Here are some other recent pieces by Grace:

Fathers Day card for Alex,

grace art (8)

Inside: A beautiful KcAtrpELr family,

grace art (5)

The disCarded Grandpa Card

grace art age 5 (2)

See the dead body?

grace art age 5 (4)

This one just has a lot of heart.
grace art age 5 (1)

And in a totally unrelated note, it is apricot season, and I created this work of art yesterday and today. I am trying to decide if all of the work is worth producing something that kids inhale in such an obscenely short amount of time:
apricot leather (1)


msjvd said...

It's not. Worth it. Send it to me. Along with the budding artist. SEND HER.

Seriously, isn't the actual dried fruit less work and better for 'em?

The Yoder's Four said...

MMMM I want some fruit leather!!

Grace is quite the artist! Love the dead man. Madelyn has a similar taste for the macabre.

Linz said...

hahahaha! I love kids art. IT's the best!!!

Linz said...

Oh, and GOOD LUCK on the potty training. **shudders**

Melissa said...

LOVE IT! Your daughter has has your creative talents! Good luck with the potty endeavors!