20 June 2011

Hummingbird Nest and Eggs

hummingbird nest on christmas lights (1)

The other night we walked outside and noticed that we had left our Christmas lights up too long. The way you know you have left them up too long? A hummingbird makes her nest on one of them.

hummingbird nest on christmas lights (4)

Sadly, she flew away before I could get a sharper night picture with the tripod.


But in the daytime, it's a little easier.


I had to pull the light strand a little to get this, but I didn't touch the nest. We are excited to see how this progresses!


Kate said...

OH my goodness! I am obsessed with hummingbirds.

Neil and I were really into protecting a hummingbird in our garden a few years back.


Please keep us (the world wide web) posted!

msjvd said...

Now see! If I were a nester, I'd want to live on the shelf just outside your windows, too! (I'm such a stalkarazzi, huh?)

Cool pics, Jen! :)

Jessi said...

That is amazing! I hope those little eggs stay safe and hatch into new beautiful hummingbirds.

Linz said...

Yea!!! We've had hummingbirds nest in our porch light! They are SO cute!!! Have fun watching them grow!!

Anonymous said...

Baby hummingbirds! Ooh, I hope they'll do well.

We have a lot of drawings around here that would make unsuitable gifts, too. Glad you noticed the dead body in time. :)

The Rookie said...

That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I've never seen a humminbird's nest before.