15 June 2011

A Snapshot

I was writing to a missionary brother today, and I realized that I had something to write about, despite my constant thinking of things and not thinking they are blogworthy, so I here is a little excerpt. 

I went with my three children, yes, I have three - I am like the old woman in the shoe, sometimes I have so many I don't know WHAT to do - anyway, I went with my many children to my dad's ranch today to do some photographing for him. It was an exciting adventure in going without a bathroom for long periods of time when only one of the three children is potty trained. I hope that the number of potty trained children in the house will double by next Saturday.

Alex was out fixing our cng suburban (so we can get it to pass registration), and he came in a little while ago and said, "I think this is working, but I need more glue." I am wondering if I should be worried that he is fixing our suburban with my hot glue gun? I'll keep you posted.

We saw kung fu panda two tonight, and I cried three times. Luckily, I left so early in the morning with Dad, and went to the movie so soon after I got home, that my ugly cry had less make-up to use in uglifying.

I just realized that I fix things in other peoples' writing that I don't fix in my own, so if I have ever edited something of yours and made you feel bad, just know that I am a dirty editing hypocrite.


The Rookie said...

My editing hypocrisy knows no bounds. That is a delightful letter!

Linz said...

Oh, that letter will brighten anyone's day!! You cutie!

angela michelle said...

I'm a professional editor but secretly and selectively decide some rules aren't worth it.

ooh, a cng suburban!

My kids' preschool teaches them positive nursery rhymes such as "Twinkle, twinkle little star, what a wonderful child you are" and "There was a woman who lived in a show, she had so many children she knew JUST what to do." [comma splice alert for editorial hypocrites]

Jesse said...

Regarding editing, I think that most of us could go through all of our writing more times than we would like to and change things. I usually go through my own stuff twice, maybe three times, and if it is really important I send it to you for the final touches. So don't worry about it.