05 July 2011

Additional Benefits of Party Training

Freedom from diapers saves money, it is true, but here is a list of additional intangible benefits you too can receive from potty training.

1. Dry Beds. Many savvy children will realize early that in the grand tradition of bedtime stalling, potty training leads to a free pass out of bed every time. I know this because Henry has not yet wet the bed once because he drains himself of all fluids by the time he finally falls asleep.

2. Patience.  I prefer not to talk about this one. The wounds are still fresh. But trust me, your patience will grow!

3. Humility. If you are really proud of your newly potty trained child who has stayed dry and clean for four days straight, including the night time, DO NOT feed him apricots and apricot leather for lunch, and watermelon for dinner, and then send him with your husband to a friend's house while you go to book group. Unless you want the humility intangible benefit, too. In which case, go for it.

Also, if you want that benefit, make sure to send two pairs of extra underwear as well as several diapers along with the husband in spite of your philosophical opposition to putting diapers on a newly potty trained child. I only say this because if you only send two extra pairs of undies, they will be insufficient, and your husband will have to borrow a diaper (or maybe two) because there will be nothing left in the house to cover your poor fiber-riddled offspring's back side.


Marti said...
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The Stratton's said...

Oh heavens. That is well said!

The Yoder's Four said...

Whoa.....is it bad that I'm laughing about the fact that Alex is the one who had to deal with the incredibly productive child, away from home? HAHAHAHAHAHA

You didn't do that on purpose, did you?? Hahahaaha

The Rookie said...

Moms rule. That's all I got. I don't know how you deal with it besides a whole lot of love.

Gina said...

OH! Sorry you are in the THICK of it. For mothers of some children I think potty training is what they were referring to when they said we would have to go through the refiners fire.

Brittany said...

oh dear. This post is just to close to home. We're in the midst of potty-training Lily, and have had no, I repeat, no success yet! Ahhhhhhhhh!