11 July 2011

Hummingbird Progress

Last week we sprayed for bugs before they were able to carry the house away, and luckily the guy noticed our nest and asked if he should spray around it. He did, and after he did we only saw the mom bird once. I was getting really nervous because I thought she might lose her eggs.

Yesterday at church, the speakers were a new couple in our ward, and the husband has a masters degree in Ornithology (The study of birds). I talked to the wife after the meeting, and she asked if I had looked in the nest, because sometimes hummingbirds will move their eggs if the nest becomes compromised. I had not.

Until today. And look what I found:

baby hummingbird

I still haven't seen the mother bird, so I am still a little worried, but the baby was definitely breathing. I am hoping Momma just got shy, or didn't want little beaks poking her tummy since she knew they were coming.


The Yoder's Four said...

Presh!! What are the chances of having an ornithologist handy.........

The Rookie said...

That's a great photo!

Project Maniac said...

Wow, I've never been present at the hatching of any kind of animal except my daughter. That's really neat.

Saddie said...

Move their eggs? Really? I can't even imagine how a hummingbird could do than. Such amazing creatures!

I miss the nests at our old house. We have hummingbirds buzzing around here, but no nests just outside the window for easy eavesdropping. Hmmm... maybe I should string up some Christmas lights.