19 July 2011

Now that I am again Driving Legally,

I have a little story to share. I had to buy something for Alex on an account at the grocery store in mid-June, and the cashier pointed out that my drivers license had expired. I had not changed the address the last time I renewed, an we had moved. I immediately began to feel guilty every time I drove for the two weeks it took me to renew.

One day during that two weeks, I was driving on 600 North, which is a new road past our elementary school. This road would probably have a speed limit of 45 if it weren't for the fact that it passes so close to the school. Sometimes I catch myself going 45 on it, and slow down to closer to the speed limit, which is 35. On the morning in question, I did just that. I noticed I was speeding past the school, and slowed down. I checked my rear view mirror, and what should I behold but one of Hurricane's finest, flashing his lights at me to pull over.

Fear and panic gripped me. I slumped in my seat, all sorts of car impounding, stern lecture, large dollar sign images racing through my mind. The officer walked up, and I sheepishly said, "Hello."

He looked at me, all serious, and asked, "Did you know you have a brake light out?"

"Why, yes officer. We plan to replace it today. The registration is up this month. It also needs some antifreeze."

Eying the children in the back seat, "How many have you got there?"

"Three. They are a handful."

We finished chit chatting, and he returned to his car without impounding my vehicle, sternly lecturing, or gravely handing me a ticket for one million dollars payable yesterday.

It was horrible. It was intense. It was awesome.


Linz said...

That is a GREAT story! haha! Glad you got that renewed! ;)

The Yoder's Four said...

*WHEW* There is nothing worse than being pulled over. Or having to renew drivers licenses and registrations. Sorry it all converged upon you at the same time.

Marie Says Yes said...

Dear Jenny,
I will now confess that both times I have been pulled over, I cried. As in... sobs. In front of the officer. Not my finest moment, either of them.
I am proud of you for holding it together.

msjvd said...

Whoa. Stop the presses.

You can "buy something on account"? Still? In Hurricane? ANYWHERE???

Wow. You do tell an awesome story!

Dansie Family said...

mine has been expired for over 7 months now. it is not easy to go to the drivers licence place with 4 little ones. i attempted once but could not stand to wait for 2 hours.

The Rookie said...

I just get tickets if pulled over. Nothing works. Nothing.