28 July 2011

This is for All the Balding People

Here is a list of recent evidence I have discovered of my own aging.

* I have a bunion.

* Grace is starting kindergarten in a few weeks. This fills me with inexplicable dread that I am on a steep slope headed toward grandmotherhood in a few short years. At least I have a head start on the quilting.

* Henry said I was MEAN the other day. I thought that Mean Mom was a prestigious title only applied to mothers of teenagers.

* I have a sensitive knee and trouble with my hip.

* I have difficulty remembering my own age.

* I keep referring to women by their maiden names, even if I have only known them after they were married.

* The other day Alex came home from work and asked why I was holding a fifteen-year-old boy on my hip. I suspect that nursing a fifteen-year-old may be related to my hair loss problem (see below). I will begin feeding him vegetable gruel and rice cereal immediately.

* My hair is starting to fall out, and I am going bald in the front. The baldness is luckily easily covered by careful combing of my bangs. But I am still gravely concerned.

I texted all of my sisters, that they might console with me in this trying time of early hair loss, and one of them phoned to laugh at me and cheerfully say, "Hello Baldy!" Luckily, the others were more sympathetic and suggested various products containing Biotin. I guess you never know until you try.


msjvd said...

You're a bit weirdy today, no? Sorry about the hair loss. Pictures, please? (I'm having a trying moment. Give me something to chuckle at, please?)

Kate said...

I am totally going bald. I used to have my hair thinned because it was so annoyingly thick.

Ah, the good ol' days... when you couldn't see my scalp in all pictures.

sammygrace said...

I'm curious as to which of us sisters called and said, "Hello Baldy" cuz I got a chuckle or two out of it myself, but I do feel sympathetic, however, keep in mind that in highschool I had a section of gray hair on my head...in high school...yeah...not cool.

Jillybean said...

My youngest just FINISHED kindergarten and my oldest is about to start HIGH SCHOOL!

Compared to me, you are practically an infant.

Also my son was about six when he called me mean. He thought that I was going to be horribly offended when he called me this and was quite surprised when I took it as a compliment. (which was probably even more mean......)

The Stratton's said...

I, too, have similar symptoms. I surely hope many of these things pass as phases. You crack me up, btw. I love your perspective.

Linz said...

Awwwww! You're bald? That makes me sad. I lost a lot of hair when I was nursing Andrew, but it came back after!

Marie Says Yes said...

aging is SO WEIRD, huh.
i also have a receding hair line, and once i'm down can barely get up. i am hoping this will contribute to a large public opinion that i am like the "bag lady" when i'm old.
a girl can dream.

The Rookie said...

WE ARE KINDRED SPIRITS MORE THAN EVER REALIZED! I'm sorry to type in all caps, but I am experiencing hair loss too. I'm only 30 and my hair is thinning. It's tragic on a level so epic I know not where to begin. Can't my chin hair grow on top of my head? Just a thought.

The Yoder's Four said...

Ack! My post baby hair loss is only now letting up, so I hope that's what's causing yours. Make sure you're getting enough protein!

amy said...

You are hilarious.

I am very much enjoying my hair loss, so can't sympathize.

Think like this: you have three children already. That's three you don't have to anticipate gestating and delivering. I'd take baldness to have three kids out of the way.

I'm with Jillybean. You're an infant.

Please pass along your recipe for gruel. I am nearly incapable of carrying my monstrously fat child.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I am only 29 have 5 kids and am balding. One thing that helps hide it is a product called Toppik. You can buy it at Sally's, just make sure you don't put it on your part line. My sisters and I call them "sprinkles". Best of luck.

Tigger said...

I am sorry for being the heartless sister. I love lots! Hair loss and all!

I am also the sister who lives close to you, sees you often, and was thinking you must be over exaggerating a little about the hair loss. I really can not tell by looking at you. You must be very talented with a comb.

Holly said...

Doesn't look like anyone else who commented said: after you have a baby all of your hair follicles go from active to dormant phase at the same time, resulting in lots of your hair falling out. But this is temporary and not the same as hair loss. I bet that this is what has happened to you. Didn't you notice it with your other kids?

Mary said...

I'm sorry -- female baldness is very stressful! My hair has been very thin in front since my first baby, except for brief reprieves while pregnant, sigh. My unsympathetic husband says he is balding, too, but that is totally different!!! Culturally acceptable, etc. Unfeeling, that's what he is. I wish I could pull off a head scarf a little better.