03 August 2011

Onion Braid + Carousel

onion braid (4)

This is the first year I have had success with gardening, and my success only came because I am gardening with three other very talented women. Two of them have even killed gophers with their bare garden tools. I am very proud to garden in such company.

This braid of onions is my share (minus the ones the gophers got), along with the small mountain of zucchini I have received every week for the last few weeks. We have eaten zucchini as a layer in lasagne, an extra in waffles, and in lots of zucchini bread over the last little while.

Incidentally, Henry eats the bread and the waffles, so I am succeeding in my secret vegetable infiltration attempts. Hooray!


There is a birthday for someone very special in our family this week. We celebrated Monday because he will be going out of town to a conference on his birthday. Total cost for our family to ride the carousel: $2.


The Yoder's Four said...

That is one impressive onion braid.

I am a failure at gardening. I was going to try harder this year, but the only thing I managed to plant was pumpkins, which I'm praying will be ready in time. It's kind of a buzzkill when you have to wait till June for the frost to pass 'round these parts.

Happy b-day Alex!

amy said...

Our three efforts at zucchini plants all became snail lunch, so I am sad to miss my favorite of all vegetable infiltrations. Enjoy it for me, won't you?


The Stratton's said...

I'm loving that onion braid. I want to grow-make one. Even if just to take a picture of!

The Rookie said...

Secret vegetables make the world go round.

My garden is producing basil, basil, and more basil. And leaves.