19 September 2011

Puppet Show Audience + Misc.

The other day Henry and Grace invited me in for a puppet show, so I went to watch, and when they were done I noticed that behind me they had lined up all their toys. So I had them sit for a shot of the illustrious audience.

Scott performed as an extra in a movie last week. This experience (as a "baby handler") taught me that I am not cut out for film making or movie stardom. It is kind of a relief, really. I was always worried about the impact it would have on my family when I was "discovered," but now I will just politely decline.

I am working for Alex doing some mockups this week. I miss my kids when they are not in my hair driving me crazy and messing up every clean surface of my house.

Book group was last week. You can read about it on the hostess' blog HERE if you are interested. I am still finishing the book Posession by A.S. Byatt. If you read it, I recommend skimming some parts because Byatt really does just go on and on unnecessarily a few times, but it is a great plot and beautifully written.


msjvd said...

Grace has some very life-like looking toys, doesn't she? One of them bears a striking resemblance to a little cousin!

Sorry about the film experience. It's not nearly as exciting as it looks from a distance. :(

The Yoder's Four said...

I'd like to have the experience of missing my children... I've never been away from Luke for more than 3 hours, which is not quite long enough to have that effect!

You have cute kids. And I'm glad you and Scott are keeping level heads with your new-found fame.

Linz said...

Cute group of spectators!! :)

Glad to hear that you can make a more educated decision when Hollywood comes knocking! ;)