31 October 2011

Borrowed Cameras, Etc.

halloween 2011d
Alex kindly left my camera in manual mode, as he does Every Time He Borrows It. So this was my first shot of Grace's school costume parade. It was followed quickly by these two:
halloween 2011a halloween 2011b
She is a "ballerina bug who lost their antenna," according to herself.

It is amazing and annoying how their lives sort of just march right by, while I watch with my very eyes, and sometimes I don't watch and get only blurry memories. Then I realize what is happening, so I scramble to pay attention, and then it is time for the next thing before I am even done shooting pictures of this thing.


Mary said...

I love the ballerina bug who lost her antenna and your mountains!

Linz said...

She is SO cute!!

The Yoder's Four said...

I was feeling camera panic for you. I have nightmares about malfunctioning cameras ALL. THE. TIME. I'm not kidding. Had one last night!

Love Grace's costume! I wish I were little so that the holidays would be fun again.

msjvd said...

I think she looks wonderful regardless of focus. And GREAT COSTUME CHOICE, Grace! Excellent description! The girl knows her mind... and antennae!

Brittany said...

Oh. I love Grace's costume! What a sweety!