09 November 2011

Bargain Fail

Do you ever try to make a deal with God? I was trying to do that today.

This week has been full. I have had (and still look forward to) a few play dates. I have dropped a can of pumpkin on my baby toe, which is now purple. A good friend is moving to the end of the earth—a place even more rural than here, if you can imagine that. Some of her friends held a luncheon for her today, so I walked in and sat down next to her. I promptly burst into tears and ran ashamedly to the bathroom, where I dropped my glasses and nerdy sunglass attachment in the clean toilet.

All of this excitement happened in a quick stop while I was on a break from making applesauce with Sara. I stopped saucing to take Grace to school, grab a shower, and head back to Sara's before I picked up my carpool kids, assisted with a Primary ice cream party, and got dinner and the evening routine going. Moms, are you nodding your heads? I know. We do this Every Day.

I requested of God this deal: Hey, how about if I work on being more flexible so that all of these interruptions and distractions and general busy-ness quit making me feel like I am drowning in a pool of stubby crayons with their removed wrappers. Then, once I am more flexible, You can bless me with a long period of time free from all of those distractions?

Sadly, I realized that if I succeed in my side of the deal, the point of the bargain will be defeated. I guess it is time for me to take the example of Miss Jill and "tough love" myself into acceptance of my life.

So. How has your week been?


msjvd said...

I think you're doing splendidly!

Although I do wonder what you have against stubby crayons with their wrappers removed? Those are the BEST ONES because they can be used any which direction.

Try to be a little more open-minded, as I know you color outside the lines, so you need those "omni-directional" crayons to deal with your life. ;)

Simply, Sarah said...

I think you're doing amazingly great already.
And believe me, you DON'T want that much free time, because you never know what would have to happen for you to have it.

Queen Elizabeth said...

I had that kind of day yesterday. And, sadly, it was my husband's birthday. I try to reach perfection (seriously - in the fact that I want the meat done just right on the grill when it's really too dark to see it and have it all done RIGHT when he gets home... just for one day) but sometimes just DONE is better than perfection. Right?

sammygrace said...

Life's a dance, you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow, don't worry bout [all you have to do] life's a dance-- you learn as you go. .....Sometimes i think country songs explain it all. This particular song is by John Michael Montgomery--just listen to it, simply because you love your little sister and because I promise for a split second you'll like it :)

The Yoder's Four said...

Bah....the story of my life! I have been planning on writing a similar post today!

Makes me feel a little better about things if you're life is a 3-ring circus, too.

Jill said...

Sometimes deals with God work, just saying