16 November 2011

Just Call Me Pollyanna

I can't recall if I mentioned that Alex is doing graduate school right now? Well, he is. His school is probably a large contributor to my less frequent posting and my grumpy tone.

The other day I was having a rare moment of sympathy for him, and I said, "Well, you are either worrying about school, worrying about work, worrying about church business, or in a good mood. And if you are in a good mood, I realize that it is a good time for me to vent all of my frustration to you, so you pretty much have only stress right now." This was a momentous revelation to me, even as it came out of my mouth. I realized that it is time for me to quit complaining.

So we are doing it together. And we have had the happiest few days in a long time.


amy said...

I love Pollyanna.

You are smart to do this. Thank you for the inspiration.

msjvd said...

That really is a great insight for anyone in a relationship: sometimes you have to put your stuff aside and be supportive in their space. You're so nerdy-cool!

Jillybean said...

My husband went to graduate school when our oldest three kids were about the same age as your kids. (I remember being pretty darn grumpy about that time too)
Hang in there, eventually he will graduate, and everyone in your house will be able to wipe their own butts and buckle their seatbelts themselves, and someday they will be old enough for you to leave by themselves while you and your husband go out together :)

The Yoder's Four said...

Grad school is hard on the whole family! I know! If you can't stand not complaining anymore, shoot me an email. I'll sympathize. But I'm glad your choice to not focus on your trials has made a difference. Something all of us should try!

angela michelle said...

My husband and I do a similar thing where we try not to complain to others so we dump it all on each other. Grad school is a tough lifestyle! Hang in there!