20 December 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

2011 has been a very busy year for us. Our business, Blue Desert Digital, has survived over a year. We are very proud to be part of the 20% of businesses who survive that long.

Alex began graduate school pursuing an MFA in Media Design in June. The rest of us have seen him since that time, but only fleetingly, and usually we just notice when he is flailing his arms or ripping his hair out at the computer screen of his 17” Macbook Pro (MC725LL/A) in the corner. Jenny has started calling it Tosha, and considers Tosha the other member of the marriage for this year. Alex grew a handlebar mustache in November, earning the delight of his wife and the respect of his Priest quorum. He also sold footage to National Geographic this year, which was a great stroke for his ego.

Jenny gave birth naturally for the first time in March. She is still adjusting to having three children, and when she is not tying Every Shoe and zipping Every Zipper, she may be found rocking back and forth, crouched in her padded corner while sucking her thumb. She still enjoys reading, blogging, photography, quilting, yoga, and walking off her anger management issues.

Grace began kindergarten this year, causing the onset of full-blown anxiety in her mother. Grace is quickly learning how to read. She continues in her deep and abiding love for paper dolls, and included the following on her Christmas list: “Real Kamra, Borbys, My Litel Pony.”

Henry has grown bigger this year, as has his lung capacity. Grace wrote his Christmas list for him, and it included "Trans" (the choo choo kind), "Transformrs, Sooprman, and spibrmAn." Henry is very gentle with the new babies in the immediate and extended family, except when he is trying to get Scott to wrestle with him, or attempting to ride the baby, and then Henry is not very gentle.

Scott, who has now joined our list of tax deductions, delights all who view him with his pretty eyes and infectious smile. He likes to eat a lot. At a week and a half overdue, he was our latest arrival, but he was worth the long, miserable, drawn-out, ridiculous, excruciating (did we mention long?) wait.

A Few Stats for Good Measure:

This letter being printed and mailed with attractive recent photos: 3%

Us having another baby naturally: 50%

Alex using earplugs next time if we do: 100%

Jenny winning arguments with Henry: 75%

Us wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year: 100%

Sending love your way,

Alex, Jenny, Grace, Henry, and Scott


msjvd said...

I like Grace's spelling. Shows both creativity and that she is sounding things out intelligently. She has a solid future in writing / reading ahead.

Henry obviously has a future as a lawyer. And Jethro/Scott as a therapist. He seems to have arrived well-adjusted. :) Love you!

Cory Reese said...

Have you ever played that game Mad Gab? I kill people in that game because I have mastered kid gibberish. I love the Krismas rekwests.

And I remain insanely jealous of the handlebar.

msjvd said...

Was that card there before? I didn't see it before. I love it!

Queen Elizabeth said...

Love it!! You need to hire yourself out to write others' cards. Really. (Please?)

amy said...

Christmas letters should only be written if they are funny.

You should always write Christmas letters. In fact, I would encourage you to write monthly newsletters.

Hilarious and happy! And I love your darling pics. Would that my creative abilities extended beyond the holiday templates available at JC Penney portrait studios.

Linz said...

Great letter!!! You are too cute! PS can you email me your address?

The Yoder's Four said...

Wow, I didn't know Scott could levitate! Impressive!

I'm sorry about grad school---I know ALL about that. It will be worth it in the end.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas "old friend" to you and your beautiful family! It was fun to pop in and catch up - love Alex's mustache...love that Grace can write!! And Henry! OMGosh, he is adorable...but, and I mean no disrespect to Henry or Grace, little Scott steals the show! xo, Nan