30 January 2012

By the People, For the People, etc.

There seems to be a law that goes like this:

1. Whereas a household custodian is aware that someone is coming over, she will clean the bathroom to sparkling perfection within an hour before the company arrives. This cleansing will result in one of the following:

a. A small recently potty-trained boy will sneak in and unclean the lavatory immediately before the guests arrive OR

b. The bathroom will remain in pristine state during the entirety of the visit, because the guest will not need to use the bathroom.

2. If Section 1 a. occurs, the guest will invariably ask to use the bathroom.

3. If the household custodian forgot entirely that the condition of the bathroom was reprehensible—due to the volume of small children in the house and the overwhelped and overwhelmed state of the custodian—and a guest comes over, the guest will Most Certainly need to use the restroom.

I disapprove of this law, so *whichever candidate would like to repeal this law may have my vote.

*Unless the candidate is Newt Gingrich. I like Obama and all three other Republican candidates better than I like him.


Kate said...

This seems to be true for people who don't clean the bathroom due to general laziness too... speaking from experience.

msjvd said...

Wow. I had no idea that little boys with bad aim were so political!

I thought they were merely politically incorrect.

Marie Says Yes said...

okay, right?
all i know is my teenager has added a whole new level to the fright and horror!
and i agree about newt. he's as yucky as a recently potty trained trip to the bathroom.

The Yoder's Four said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who must obsessively clean the bathroom whenever someone comes over. My favorite is when you do that and then their kid goes in and makes a giant mess/leaves the toilet lid up/doesn't flush/doesn't wash their hands. Ahhhhh!

angela michelle said...

Spot on and well put, as always. That law is strictly adhered to in this house.

Claire said...

Jenny, I simply love your blog.